My Kitchen Story….finally my own!

Four years ago we bought this house.  The minute I walked into the house I felt like it could be our home.  Situated on 3 acres overlooking a mini farm with a red barn, goats and donkey’s and to top it off a huge heated and air conditioned workshop for me! Although the oak cabinets and laminate counter tops were not my first choice for my dream kitchen, I knew the kitchen was large and inviting and had HUGE potential.  Here is what the kitchen looked like the day we moved in.

We knew we wanted to gut the master bath immediately and had plans to do the kitchen soon after.  After the bathroom remodel we quickly realized that we lacked the funds to tackle the kitchen anytime soon.  At that point I settled on a new back splash and painted the cabinets gray and got new hardware.

It is always amazing how much paint can change a surface and the feeling in the room.  But, I still had that dream kitchen in my mind.  I knew when I first walked into this space that is was big and inviting and I had a dream in my mind of what I truly wanted it to be, and how I wanted it to function.  In this space I felt like I was using the stove so far away from where we were eating.  We rarely used the kitchen table.  Although, it is an amazing table…the functionality of it is not conducive to a quick wipe up after a spill.  The large cracks and gaps trap food and yuck…so we pretty much only used the table to collect clutter and fold laundry.

I had Dustin Marsh at Omega Creations Kitchens and Bath design me a kitchen design and then I dreamed that it could one day happen.  I kept that plan in the back of my mind for almost 4 years.  I started a Dream Kitchen Pinterest Board, and Dream Kitchen Houzz board and helped countless clients pick out counter tops, back splashes and painted lots of cabinets and furniture, all while dreaming that one day I would get to have my own wishes come true!

On October 4th 2017 this happened!!!

It is just about done and I will share the entire process with you! So many people do not know where to start with a project this big.  It is daunting and difficult and I’ve learned a lot! I learned so much before I started!  I’m glad I waited and did not rush into the process.  As a result, this project was literally FLAWLESS and completed in record time!  I owe a HUGE thanks to all the people that made this happen for me!

I’m excited to show you the final result and give credit to all who played a part!

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I forgot I had a website!

It seems I have forgotten I even have a website! It’s been so long since I’ve updated here I don’t even remember how to use Word Press!

IMG_1015so lets see here…a few updates in the last few years of having this site….I’ve grown my hair out.  But I can’t figure out how to change my photo on the site LOL! I’m still madly in love with paint and super busy painting tons of kitchens and furniture for the most amazing clients!  I’m so blessed to work for such great people.

I LOVE a good kitchen makeover and still dreaming of my own! I’ve got my fingers crossed that I will be able to completely gut my kitchen this fall and get new cabinets, counters and appliances.

I mostly post all my projects and random snippets of my life on Instagram. Follow my Instagram Account @hueology_studio so stay updated.

I’m also working for some builders here in Greensboro, NC developing a new neighborhood called The Farm at Cedar Hollow located in Northern Guilford County.  I’m really enjoying helping clients make their dream homes a reality! Its a fun world of brick, cabinets, tile counter tops, lighting and flooring!  I love seeing it all come together!

Trying to upload you all kinds of eye candy and prettiness…its not working and the workshop is calling! Starting to think this website/blog thing is just too much work these days!

Do people even stop in and check anymore??? I think we are now living in the world off Instagram … so go check me out there!!!

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Hueology Kitchens – Before and After

Burkitt kitchen - 4 of 19How about this stunning photo of a kitchen my gals and I completed this past year?!? I’m super behind on posting on the blog all the kitchens I’ve been doing this past year! This by far was on of my favorite makeover….and the scariest ones too!

Why? Because this kitchen was a stunner before we arrived! Yes, it was dark, but still a pretty kitchen.  My client was tired of the dark cabinetry, busy granite and outdated back splash.  Here are a few before pictures.

Burkitt kitchen - 17 of 19 Burkitt kitchen - 16 of 19 Burkitt kitchen - 18 of 19 Burkitt kitchen - 15 of 19The first thing my client did was get a new subway tile back splash and a very pretty granite…getting rid of some of the browns and adding in gray and cream tones.

Burkitt kitchen - 12 of 19This really helped lighten things up! We decided to leave he island and some of the cabinetry dark to give this kitchen a little bit more of a custom look and she had a barn door built for one of the entry ways into the kitchen. The rest we painted with a slightly creamy white (Sherwin Williams Navajo White) and added a gray glaze! Check out the afters!

Burkitt kitchen - 10 of 19Burkitt kitchen - 7 of 19 Burkitt kitchen - 3 of 19 Burkitt kitchen - 2 of 19 Burkitt kitchen - 6 of 19 Burkitt kitchen - 8 of 19 Burkitt kitchen - 9 of 19 Burkitt kitchen - 5 of 19We also did her back hallway drop zone!!

Burkitt kitchen - 19 of 19 Burkitt kitchen - 1 of 19Another Yummy Makeover!!

Kitchen Makeover

IMG_6051My latest kitchen makeover for my most recent clients was SO fun!  Pictured above is the kitchen of the sweetest couple ever, on the day I arrived to finish up their makeover!

JustinCheriInsidestoreshot-1024x767Ok, can you stand how cute they are??? Justin and Cheri  own a uber fabulous store called Accent Prone in Kernersville, NC, and Cheri also blogs about her home and fashion on her blog, My Accent Prone Life.

They recently purchased their first home and had a great vision for what they wanted their kitchen to look like! .  Here is a before photo….

IMG_6095IMG_6096The upper cabinets to the right of the sink and over the cook top were removed.  At this point they decided that they would lose the curved profile on the upper cabinets…yes…that curve is so outdated…and have new upper cabinets made to made the squared profile of the lower cabinets.  They also planned a new back splash (new granite had been installed prior to their purchase of the home) and to install open shelving and enclose the space between the ceiling and the top of the cabinets.

IMG_6051I’m glad that they ended up having all new door and drawer fronts made in the classic shaker style!  And the extra icing on the cake….I got to paint brand new wood! Whoot Whoot!

I am so thrilled how it all turned out!  The classic white subway tile in a herringbone pattern, paired with the clean lines of the painted shaker style doors, the new stainless steel appliances and the open shelving, perfectly accessorized from items in their store Accent Prone!  A winning combination!

IMG_6080IMG_6084IMG_6079IMG_6082And because I know many of you will ask…the cabinet color we went with is Sherwin Williams Dover White!

The couple also had fabulous new black bar hardware to install as well as soon as the paint was cured enough to install!

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I’m Coloring!

IMG_5580Last summer on my beach vacation I bought a coloring book.  I started coloring that week…and I’ve been hooked ever since!

I needed an outlet to replace mindless time on my computer.  I realized that when I was overwhelmed and stressed I was mindlessly trolling the never ending abyss called the “internet”.  I remember when I first heard the word internet, the information super highway!  Well, that it is!  So instead of clogging the brain up with the information super highway I’m coloring!

IMG_5582I got a fabulous set of colored pencils from Barn’s and Noble!  They are so much better than the Crayola ones I had found in my kids cast off school supplies.

Check out the coloring book my sister in law got me for Christmas!  I am a HUGE Outlander fan!!! I can’t wait to color Jaime!

IMG_5584Of course I colored a house first! If you can’t decorate one color one!

IMG_5585Has anyone else been coloring??

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Top Coat….my Top Pick by General Finishes

IMG_5563 (1)I’m working with my favorite top coat today in the studio.  I have time some in between coats so I thought I would take a few minutes to share with you what I use, and how I use it!

Hands down my favorite clear coats to are the General Finishes High Performance water based top coats.  Today I am using Flat, but I really like their Satin finish as well.  I started using General Finishes products this past year and have been super impressed by everything I’ve used thus far.  Check out their website to find out more about their products and where you can purchase them.  I purchase mine at Total Bliss in Greensboro, North Carolina.

My preferred method to apply this top coat is to use lint free rags.  The ones I use resemble a “cheesecloth” type rag.  I purchase them in bulk online at the U.S Wiping Company.  I just put on a pair of latex disposable cloths, wad up a few, dip them in the top coat and wipe it on.  Then I just throw away the used rags and there is zero clean up.  I have found that I hated using  brushes to put on top coats.  There is always lint or debris in the cleanest brush, and it tends to come off onto my surface and drive me mad!

IMG_5545 (1)I love how using top coats and glazes changes paint!

IMG_5547 (1)The Studio Supervisor agrees!

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2016 is HERE!!!

imageHappy New Year from my home to yours!  Check out my squeaky clean kitchen floors? I started the new year out by giving them a super good clean….I might not even clean them that good for the rest of the year!

2015 was SUPER awesome!  I was overly blessed with tons of painting for clients….mostly kitchens!  I’ll try to get some photos up soon of some of the wonderfully transformations that took place.

I’m super excited for 2016!  I’ve got a few projects planned in my house and lots of work for upcoming clients, so don’t give up on checking the website!!  I’m going to try to be better at keeping the website updated.

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Shiplap Wall….so easy!

shiplap6Several months ago I completed a shiplap feature wall in my Master Bedroom.  I’ve been meaning to do a blog post about it…but…well…I got really busy….and quit frankly I really don’t have very good pictures. The perfect pictures are never going to happen… so, I grabbed the few I have off my phone.  The wall was SUPER easy and really made a huge difference in the room!

Here is my room before.  It is painted Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue.  I love the color, but it is just so blue!  I wanted to break up the blue with some white.

shiplap5I splurged and bought the Ryobi Air Strike Brad Nailer from Home Depot.  I had been wanting one for awhile and this seemed like a good time to go for it.  Next, I purchased 4 sheets of 1/4″ plywood at Home Depot for $13.97 each and had them cut it into 6 inch wide planks.  Some of the edges were a little splintery so I sanded them down slightly with my power sander.

shiplap4I did not plan out some perfect pattern.  I just randomly staggered the boards, making cuts as I went along.  The boards were so lightweight and easy to hang!  I even let my 11 year old get in on the nailing action.  I did not paint the wall white first.  I debated on that.  I was wondering if you would see the blue through the cracks.  I’m glad I did not waste my time doing that! I can’t see any blue peeking through.

shiplap3I had LOTS going on in my life when I was trying to get this done…so, I will admit that it took about 2 weeks to get all the boards up.  Some days I would just nail about 3 boards at a time.  You could easily get this project done in a day or two if you had the time.

I then hand brushed 3 coats of white paint I already had, Sherwin Williams Snowbound in Satin.  I’m sure rolling would have worked too.  I didn’t have any rollers and I prefer hand brushing because I could push the paint down into the seams.

IMG_3291shiplapwall2The mirror over the bed was free from a friend who was done with it.  It was painted in gold craft paint when it arrived at my house.

goldmirrorI painted it with a few coats of Annie Sloan Graphite and then washed some Pearl Plaster from Artisan Enhancements over it.

graphitecanmirrorshiplapwallI also added some white curtains from Wayfair (a terrible picture!) and they really made a huge difference.  Now I”m shopping for a chair for the corner and getting stuff hung back on the walls! It seems everything takes me a long time to finish these days!

curtainsThe shiplap was super easy and super cheap!  I would definitely do it again….maybe I will some where else in the house!

July Studio Nights – Featured Finish – Weathered Zinc Look

IMG_3479One of the finishes I teach in my Chalk Paint® 101 Class is the popular Weathered Zinc look.  Everyone loves it! It is one of my most requested finishes I do in my custom work as well!

So…that being said….Let’s do it in my July Studio Nights Class!

Sign up here


I recently completed this fireplace makeover for a client using this technique.  They had a basic builder white fireplace with TV cabinet.


Using Annie Sloan’s Graphite and Paris Grey Chalk Paint® and some Clear Soft Wax….

IMG_3456 IMG_3477Another makeover I recently did using the fun technique on this “Factory Faux” fake chippy clock.  It was a great piece…but even better with the Weathered Zinc makeover…

IMG_3490Doesn’t she look better?


Click here to sign up!

Special May Studio Nights

traySpecial Studio Nights in May!

I’ve been having a blast hosting Studio Nights in my Hueology Studio!  Everyone who has attended seems to have enjoyed it too!  One thing people have also enjoyed is taking a sneak peak into my home to see how I have incorporated my flea market finds and painted furniture into my decor.

So….that being said…I’m offering up quite a deal on the next Studio Nights….I will provide you with a wooden tray and all the paint and supplies needed to create a fun home decor piece….PLUS…a tour of the first floor of my home….which includes my master bedroom with my recent planked accent wall!

Sign up for May 29th @6:30 here!


Here is a sneak peak at my Master Bedroom….Yes, I painted that mirror!

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