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Welcome to my Master Bathroom!

 I pointed out in a previous post about our new home, that this bathroom was almost a deal breaker on buying this house.  It is a bowling alley nightmare!  I also knew right away that any type of solution was beyond just a little paint.

mastershowerCheck out the space capsule shower straight out of 1991….I feel like for 1991 this was still a serious crime the day it was done!

I’m kinda a shrimp of a girl and I’m totally claustrophobic in this shower! So thankful for my 20/400 vision so I don’t have to really “see” the nasty stained fiberglass.  Hello curves that won’t let any bottles rest upright on them!

bathtubThis bath tub is another crime!  57″! Dang…that is a hard space to replace with anything stylish or worthy of “sitting” in.

It is currently serving as the place in which I bathe the dogs!

We’ve tossed around many different scenarios in making this bathroom more functional and enjoyable, yet still not spending every last penny we have to remodel the house with.  We considered moving plumbing, primarily the toilet, either into the linen closet space, which then required us to move the entire entrance into the bathroom.  We also considered moving it to where the bathtub currently is.  We even considered doing something like this….

dreambath…where we kept the bath tub in a large shower area at the end of the bathroom.  But, then the quest for a bath tub small enough to fit in 57″ began.  By the time we added up the expense of the bath tub and fixtures our budget was BLOWN!

My fabulous friend, and Interior Designer (who knows me really well since she did spend 11 years right across the street from me!) Julie Jersey, of Julie Jersey Designs, pointed out that I DON’T TAKE BATHS!  Yep, this total ADD girl, (me!) cannot sit still long enough to even enjoy a bath!

Problem solved….back on budget…we are nixing a bath tub, and going for a HUGE double shower (using the entire space where the bathtub and shower currently are!) with 2 shower heads!

That also means we are leaving the toilet where it is…but we are OK with that.

Traditional Bathroom by Jenkintown Interior Designers & Decorators Robinson Interiors
Here my inspiration board I made on Polyvore for my bathroom style:
xThis is the tile I have picked out so far….large beveled subway tile in the shower and this Winterwood Weathered Farmhouse tile for the floors.
I’m also working with another FABULOUS friend and business, Dustin Marsh of Omega Creations Kitchens and Bath Design.  He has patiently listen to me jabber (aka. whine!) on about this bathroom, spent hours measuring and spearheading design and solutions within my budget.  He is currently working on our double vanity! Which I think I have decided to have gray cabinetry.
We hope to start demo in the next month!! 

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  1. Janice Hebert
    January 10, 2014 at 5:45 pm (4 years ago)

    I love this idea! I think the flooring and subway tile is going to look great. Your inspiration board shows some really good choices – the grey towels and the a grey vanity. Nice! What color will the walls be, have you decided? Really like your faucet, I think it’s similar to my new kitchen faucet – that hasn’t been installed yet ;-(

    MaryJean, we took your advice and finished our kitchen cabinets using a regular paint, it came out great. Now I have to decide if we want to re-do the bottom cabinets. The countertops are supposed to be installed within the next two weeks! Yay! They are going to be soapstone, I have always wanted soapstone counters (we live in a reproduction of a house built in the 1690’s here in MA and I feel granite wouldn’t look right) now we’re debating painting one wall “Vintage Wine” by Benjamin Moore – it’s a really nice dark cranberry red color. My floor is cranberry and creamy white checks on the diagonal. I think the red wall would look awesome. We’ll see if we’re brave enough! Good luck with your bathroom, can’t wait to see it completed. Jan


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