My Kitchen Story….finally my own!

Four years ago we bought this house.  The minute I walked into the house I felt like it could be our home.  Situated on 3 acres overlooking a mini farm with a red barn, goats and donkey’s and to top it off a huge heated and air conditioned workshop for me! Although the oak cabinets and laminate counter tops were not my first choice for my dream kitchen, I knew the kitchen was large and inviting and had HUGE potential.  Here is what the kitchen looked like the day we moved in.

We knew we wanted to gut the master bath immediately and had plans to do the kitchen soon after.  After the bathroom remodel we quickly realized that we lacked the funds to tackle the kitchen anytime soon.  At that point I settled on a new back splash and painted the cabinets gray and got new hardware.

It is always amazing how much paint can change a surface and the feeling in the room.  But, I still had that dream kitchen in my mind.  I knew when I first walked into this space that is was big and inviting and I had a dream in my mind of what I truly wanted it to be, and how I wanted it to function.  In this space I felt like I was using the stove so far away from where we were eating.  We rarely used the kitchen table.  Although, it is an amazing table…the functionality of it is not conducive to a quick wipe up after a spill.  The large cracks and gaps trap food and yuck…so we pretty much only used the table to collect clutter and fold laundry.

I had Dustin Marsh at Omega Creations Kitchens and Bath design me a kitchen design and then I dreamed that it could one day happen.  I kept that plan in the back of my mind for almost 4 years.  I started a Dream Kitchen Pinterest Board, and Dream Kitchen Houzz board and helped countless clients pick out counter tops, back splashes and painted lots of cabinets and furniture, all while dreaming that one day I would get to have my own wishes come true!

On October 4th 2017 this happened!!!

It is just about done and I will share the entire process with you! So many people do not know where to start with a project this big.  It is daunting and difficult and I’ve learned a lot! I learned so much before I started!  I’m glad I waited and did not rush into the process.  As a result, this project was literally FLAWLESS and completed in record time!  I owe a HUGE thanks to all the people that made this happen for me!

I’m excited to show you the final result and give credit to all who played a part!

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  1. thefolia
    November 30, 2017 at 8:27 am (3 months ago)

    Hurray! The heart of the home, I’m always in mine so happy all we needed was a fresh paint. Happy creating in your kitchen.


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