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The Great American Road Trip!

roadtripDid you know we have an RV?

About 3 years ago I became obsessed with vintage trailers.  I fell so hard for the vintage Shasta with its wings.  I dreamed of Shasta’s, I watched them on eBay and Tin Can Tourists.  My husband of course wanted NOTHING to do with the crazy notion I had of acquiring one.  However, one day I did convince him to stop off at a RV sales center with the kids.  We had a blast looking at all the new campers.  I’ll also admit that we fell in love the newness of the modern RV, and all the amenities you could pack into such a small space.  It was pure craziness that we would be able to restore something.  We were ready to hit the road ASAP.

In walked our first RV last February….and this is how we spent last summer….in our Class C RV!

We did 13 trips, the grand finale being 2 weeks to Bar Harbor, Maine and back!


 It seems that we just so happen to go to the RV show again this year…and oops look what happened….

newrvSince we have plenty of room at the new house….we decided to upgrade!

 We’ve been incredibly blessed beyond measure to be able to have these experiences with the boys.  Even more blessed that we have made some great friends in our community that also have RV’s and BOYS!

Three Families with boys (7 total!) and RV’s….well that is a recipe for….

The Great American Road Trip

Greensboro, North Carolina to Grand Marias, MI (located in the Upper Peninsula of MI) and back…16 days!

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