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Things I’ve Learned – Lazy Lids

One of the biggest reasons I love using Chalk Paint™is because I can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.  It is the perfect paint for the people like me who need to see the stunning results with minimal work.
“Minimal work people” tend to be “minimal clean up people” as well…right?
We are not people who like to take the time to hammer nail holes in the rims for the paint to drain back into the can.
We are not people who like to clean off the lids so that paint does not build up around the rim.
We are the people that will buy these lids {above} with hopes that we will have clean, non crusty, easy to use and pour paint cans.
Things I’ve Learned….
I am the person who won’t clean the plastic lid off either.  I’m the person who will let the plastic lid crust up and I won’t screw on right either.  I also dislike these lids b/c the opening is very small for my brush.

Things I’ve Learned….

When you are lazy with your lids expect this at some point in your life!!

So I’m wondering if there is anyone out who keeps their lids all neat and pretty????

Things I’ve Learned – Brushes Matter

When Chalk Paint™ made its grand debut in the Red White and Blue it seemed everyone was using “chip” brushes to spread the new found paint all over anything and everything!  We were scooping up these cheap brushes left and right from stores like Big Lots and even IKEA for cheap!

Here I am {nostril shot and all…too lazy to edit!} using Chalk Paint™ for the the very first time!  Using a natural bristle “chip” brush and getting some pretty great results!
 I never really thought that there might be a better brush out there.  I just naturally assumed this was the best brush to use for all my paint projects.
They would last for awhile and then I would toss them in the trash.  They were so cheap that I could afford to chuck em when I forgot to wash them out…..which I am admitting was quite often.
And then…..
I met this gal and the love affair began!
I fell hard….
It felt like I was spreading butter…
Oh and it held so much paint…
my need to dip in the can every second to load up more paint was greatly reduced…
the way the paint flowed was amazing….
it was like I had been eating Hershey’s chocolate all my life and then was biting into fine Belgium chocolate!
photo from Annie Sloan Unfolded
She comes in three glorious sizes…small, medium and large {duh!}.
She is all natural hair, imported from Italy.
She is oval shaped with tapered bristles and a pure joy to paint with.
Take care of her and she will last you a lifetime.
I can’t even begin to describe how using this brush has changed my painting!

If you will be doing any amount of painting this is a MUST!

Don’t waste your time with the cheapies!!!
What brushes are you using??

Sleek Dresser Makeover

This dresser was given to me last week in need of a makeover.  It was a donation from a furniture company for a fundraiser for our local youth football league silent auction.  When it arrived it had been damaged on the top.  There was a rumor on the team that MJ could work some paint magic and fix it!  
I only had a few days so I had to work fast!  While waiting for the wood filler to dry, I picked a “glam” palette of Graphite and Paris Grey Chalk Paint™and some silver metallic paint I had.  
I painted the entire dresser with the Paris Grey Chalk Paint™ and then hit the decorative embellishments and hardware with the metallic paint.  

I painted the entire top with Graphite Chalk Paint™ and washed over it with some Paris Grey to soften the look.  I love how the Paris Grey grabs the imperfections and brush marks in the top!
And here you have it!  The glammed up after shot!  
I hope she found a lovely new home!
I can picture this piece in an entry way of a home with a fun lamp on top!

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Fall is here!  
I’ve purchased some live mums, which I do every year about this time.  It is comical that I do this every year.  I put them on the porch, forget about them and then find them dried and shriveled when it is time to put out the Christmas Decor!  
It is also pumpkin time too!

In preparation for the Fall Open House we had at Total Bliss and the Pumpkin Painting class (October 16th and 10 am and 6 pm) I broke out the Chalk Paint, some stencils, some shiny metallic paint and creams!  My palette consisted of Old White, Graphite, and Paris Grey.  
A few hours later I had a fun pile of pumpkins!!

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31 Days of ASCP, Day 28….Holiday Gifts!

Yes, it is a bit nuts that I had shorts and a short sleeve shirt on today while I oohed and ahhed over the latest over the top Christmas tree put up in Total Bliss!  It has always been a bit of a pet peeve of mine to even think red until the candy has been handed out.  But, now that I’m in the world of retail I totally get it!  You gotta be ready.  It takes planning and time and it is better to be on top of the game then left behind.  
Of course Trish whipped up a fabulous Annie Sloan Gift Box Set today!
Did you expect anything less from her?
So, here it is, the perfect gift for someone special….1 can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, 1 clear wax, 1 dark wax a paint brush and a roll of cheese cloth!  Everything a gal (or dude!) needs to get started.  You can customize each box to contain whatever you would like.  
You can even include a Hueology Gift Certificate to be used on one of our workshops and/or furniture!

Here is a sneak peak of a mirror that just went in the shop today.  It is painted French Linen over Duck Egg and distressed and waxed!  
Would you like to receive the gift of ASCP for Christmas? 

Put it on your wish list!
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31 Days of ASCP, Day 27…Your Work Zone

Well, here it is…my glorious “studio”!  
The Garage
A source of marital contention
A place where no 4 wheeled vehicles have seen the light of day
An episode of Hoarders
I could go on and on…..
Note that in this photo there are 3 MAJOR violations taking place.  Our garage is divided into 4 quadrants.  I am allowed to spread myself out in 3 of them.  The fourth one {the one the Harley lives in) is OFF LIMITS!  Here I see that the brand new, was still in the box, fire pit I scored at Goodwill has traveled into the penalty box, along with the desk stool to my french provencal set and 2 cans of paint.  
As you can see I’ve got some in progress work going on and several more that need to get started!  My goal is to get this under control and most of it out before the winter sets in.  Oh how I hate to get in a cold car.  I hope to have my van back in the garage in a few weeks!  
Where do you paint???  We’d love to hear about your “studio”!

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31 Days of ASCP, Day 25….Have We Inspired You?

25 Days of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!
Has anyone been around since Day 1?  
We hope you have enjoyed it thus far!  Get your paint brushes out and your camera’s ready because you have 6 days left to show us what you’ve got!
We are going to conclude the series on Day 31 with a Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Linky Party!!
We want to see what you have been up too.  So, if you have a blog please link up a post on October 31st showing a piece that you have done with ASCP.
Don’t have a blog?  That is OK, we still want to give you credit if you have been inspired from our blog.  So, e-mail us at a picture or two of your project with a brief description of what you did, colors, etc. and we will post them on our blog.  Please e-mail them by October 28th if you want to be included in the Linky Party.  

Here is a look at a great 6 leg table we did in Old White and touches of Paris Gray.  

To find out where you can purchase Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Waxes
 visit Annie Sloan Unfolded!

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31 Days of ASCP, Day 22…..Scenes from a Porch

This fabulous table was the second piece I painted with ASCP.  You can read about the entire before and after project on my “other” blog One Nutty Girl.  Where was Trish for this project?  Tooling around in Europe for 2 weeks!  After I finished this Duck Egg beauty  I decided I HAD to keep it.  We had just started a screen porch project and I decided to put it on the porch once it was completed.  
The chairs are Old White and super distressed!
This bench was originally white.  I loved it, but wanted to add a little bit more color.  I slapped on one super quick messy coat of Versailles, let it dry and then got out my Ryobi Corner Cat and distressed it.  One coat of clear wax and I had the perfect super quick makeover!  

Check out my fabulous ceiling!  No, it is not Annie Sloan, but I had to show it off!  I’m just smitten with the blue bead board!
Thanks for visiting….we love our followers!!!

To find out where you can purchase Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Waxes
 visit Annie Sloan Unfolded!
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31 Days of ASCP, Day 20… Smitten with French Linen

Have you gotten a chance to use the new color French Linen?
It should be a staple in your ASCP pallet!  We are loving the balance between grey and khaki.  We’ve enjoyed using it alone and pairing it with Graphite…..the possibilities are endless.  Loving Annie’s idea to pair this with Emperor’s Silk!  Thinking this combo might show up in our Workshop this Sunday!

Here we used just one thin coat of French Linen on an oak chair.  It gave the chair a great color, yet the richness of the grain of the oak still shows through!
This chair is now for sale at Total Bliss in Summerfield!  
Are you ready to paint something in French Linen??
To find out where you can purchase Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Waxes
 visit Annie Sloan Unfolded!
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