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Louis Blue Kitchen Island…

An incredible new look!!!

When we were hired to paint this lovely kitchen island (see the before picture below), we were so excited when our client picked Louis Blue!!! We presented her 3 sample boards with different variations of the Clear-to-Dark wax from Annie Sloan.

We love the look of the bead-board waxed!!!

Shannon immediately went with the Dark wax and wanted to make sure it looked aged, different and that it was a separate piece of furniture in the kitchen… NOT like it had been set there from the cabinet maker to match the rest of the cabinets. We loved her combo and quickly got to work. Don’t you LOVE the detail the Dark wax gave this island?

The handles were simply the icing on the cake…

The groves and detail.

The wine nook is extra cool!!!
MJ was super happy we were painting one of her favorite shades of blue! We had a fun time helping this kitchen transform into a  more comfy, cozy and loved living space! Thanks Shannon for allowing to be apart of your home for 3 short days 🙂 We hope you get many years of happiness out of it.
MJ Taylor ~ a.k.a. Hueologist

Here’s a peak to what the island looked like before. What’s your vote… Before or After?

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Whimsy Frame Fun…

Okay, this time we decided to share a little something different!!! Who doesn’t have one of those old gold frames, you know… the ones that look like they came out the 18th century, the ones that some company in China is trying to make look like they are cast of 24 carat gold, or the ones that folks think came from some Italian Gallery in the canals of Venice. Yep, we’ve all owned one or seen them at Michael’s Craft Store (no bad vibes towards Michael’s! We love your store, just your frames are lacking color from Hueology…he he he)!!!

So what did we do? We painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint of course!!! We used Old Ochre for a nice base  and neutral canvas. Then we used the dark wax to stain it a darker shade of brown. After that, a mix of dark wax and mineral spirits were brushed and allowed to “cure” for a couple days. 
Little blue details make the difference!
I almost forgot… Provence was painted on with a small painter’s brush to show the inner framing detail. {LOVE those little dotted bumps} Clear and dark wax were applied after that.  A little buffing the next day and all was good in the world :). Instead of simply using the frame as a… FRAME, we decided to make it a bit more whimsical and add some cork from an old piece laying in the attic (Trish has an attic full of treasures awaiting their debut)!!!

Fun photo shoot with my son.

When it came time to shoot a few final “after” pictures of the latest ASCP project, my oldest son (who prefers to be behind the camera) took a couple funny photos of Mommy. And yes, that’s my everyday paint pants… they are just getting broke in!!! Maybe I’ll show a photo of what they look like at the end of the year…ICK! But golly, they fit and feel FABULOUS!!!

A beautiful board for any occasion!!!

Sooooooo, what do you think? Do you have an old icky frame that could use a bit of Hueology whimsy? It doesn’t have to be a hideous gold one either. Yep, it can be done in a matter of minutes and treasured for years…ENJOY!!!

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Combining Waxes…

Green/Grey Combo

It’s obvious that green is a favorite of Trish, but grey is pulling through as a top contender in the mix…It’s seems to be as neutral as the browns, beige and tans have been for years!!! It obviously goes with all the beautiful blues from Annie Sloan, but using it with green simply shows off it’s vibrance and beauty as well.

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This fabulous piece was done in a matter of minutes (well, ok… maybe a couple of hours), but what a difference it made to this ho-hum dark brown table (shown above). After a bit of distressing, the final touch was clear wax on top of the green and dark wax added to the grey.

Table of Lovely Shades

For Sale…Sweet!!!

Don’t you love the richness? What have you done with your wax from Annie Sloan? PLEASE share so we can have fun too!!! Interested in buying this pretty little jewel? Drop by Total Bliss in Summerfield, NC or e-mail us about shipping.

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