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Working the Work Shops!

Last week we rocked a serious amount of Chalk Paint® at Total Bliss!
We started last Sunday with a packed full {smile!} Chalk Paint® 101 Class.  Look how brilliant Antibes looks in my photo!  I upgraded to newly remodeled PicMonkey and I’m still trying to navigate my way around it, there is so much to choose from filter wise, etc.
We did 2 sessions of Work Book Club last Tuesday.  One at 10 am and another at 6 pm.  We did some serious mixing and recording of color in our Annie Sloan Work Books.  I gave each member an assignment….they had to custom create a signature color and record it on a sample board and name it!
We came up with some pretty combo’s….I hope to get a blog post up with all those!  My very favorite was French Linen and Paris Grey mixed together at a 1:1 ratio!!
We ended the week painting and stenciling old wooden trays!

I ended the week feeling so blessed that I met all these wonderful ladies who came to attend my Work Shops!

Color Mixing with Chalk Paint®

Yesterday I got serious about mixing up a large batch of a custom green using Chalk Paint®.  I have a client who is decorating a beach house.  She has found 6 different chairs to go in the home and requested a fun green to finish them in.  I played around with several versions using teaspoon amounts of Antibes, Arles and Olive.
This involves deep thinking and math at the same time! Yikes!
Here is a bigger look at the mad chemist at work!
I bought a few clean new paint cans at Home Depot to mix in.  They are only a little over $2.00 each and so worth it!
My original formula was 2 teaspoons of Antibes, 2 teaspoons of Arles and 1 teaspoon of Olive, a 2:2:1 ratio.
I next had to figure out my overall amount of paint (plus extra…remember always make extra!!)  Thank goodness we are doing fractions in 5th grade math and I’m up to speed.
I mixed 1 1/2 cups of Antibes, 1 1/2 cups of Arles and 3/4 cup of Olive
Here it is…I managed to get 2 chairs done with 2 coats….
I’ll share them when they are complete!

Day 5….Mastering the French Look

Annie’s style of decor is very French influenced.  The color pallet is amazing.  Her book Creating the French Look is packed full of information on the different regions of France and how they have influenced her choice of paint color and style of painting.

One of our very favorite colors is Duck Egg Blue!  When we scored a vintage cabinet that was used to store sheet music our first thought was….Duck Egg Blue for sure!

The great curves and wood carving were perfect to try out some of Annie’s layering and sanding techniques.  

The entire piece, including the detailed trim was painted in 2 coats of Duck Egg.  After that dried {in super drying record speed!} we went back with a small brush and hand painted Old White on the edges and details we wanted to stand out. 

Next was clear wax and then distressing to give it the aged “French” antique look. I love how when you distress back the Old White you get some of the blue and the wood peeking out!  We then added brown wax just in certain areas we wanted to look more aged, like the corners of the doors and on the white to cute down the “newness” of the fresh white.
Did we get it right on this piece?
It was very hard to put it in the shop for sale!!!
Thanks for visiting….stick around….we’ve got lots more pretties to share!

To find out where you can purchase your own Duck Egg Blue {and all the other French inspired colors!} visit Annie Sloan Unfolded!

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Day 4…Losing the Oak

Lets talk a little bit about Oak today.  There is lots of different images that come to mind when I think of oak.  Very old antique oak can be beautiful.  But then there is the other “Oak Factor”.  Visit any yard sale or Goodwill and you will know what I’m talking about.  Great pieces, with great lines, solid and well made but very “oaky”.  Often times very shiny too!  These pieces are screaming “I need some Annie Sloan” for a super quick makeover.  They can give your room an entire new look.  Great pieces that you don’t mind really experimenting with color on.  
For this table we chose Old Ochre and Chateau Grey

We layered the two colors and then did some heavy distressing to reveal back the bottom color and some of the wood.  We finished the piece off with clear wax and she was ready to find a new home!
So, don’t be afraid to cover that oak, it is no sin in the world of Annie Sloan Paint!

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Day 3 – No Need to Prime or Prepare!

No Need to Prime or Prepare?  What?  Really?  That can’t possibly be true!!
I was going to have to see this to believe this.  I’ve done a lot of painting over the years and have always regretted when I did not properly prepare a piece beforehand.  I dug out these SUPER SHINY side tables that have been doubling as bedside tables in our guest room for forever and a day.  Check out the shine factor on this?  You can actually see a crystal clear reflection on the top!!!  {One must always have an audience when painting….that is why Asher is so handy….he always has to stand in a picture somewhere!}
Against better judgement I began slapping on Paris Grey.  The first coat dried super quick and I had a second coat on in no time.   Yep, it was sticking beautifully!  I was so excited!  Yippee I had a new best friend!

The table on the left is 2 coats of Paris Grey.  I was loving the color, but wanted to finish them off with some distressing and waxing.  On a whim I mixed up a deeper gray by adding some Graphite into the Paris Grey and wiped it all over the tables.  I then waxed with clear wax and distressed!

So, it is indeed true, there is no need to prime or prepare!  I’ve tested this statement from Annie Sloan over and over and it proves true each time!  
Thank you Annie!  You may but Kilz out of business!

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Chalk Paint Beginner Class 101…

SO we decided to jump in and start some classes to teach our LOVE for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. What do you do in a beginner’s class with Hueology (located at our local mini-stockist in Total Bliss)? You learn about Annie, her some of her techniques and walk away with the confidence to paint whatever comes your way!!!

What do you need to bring to class? NOTHING, but a willingness to learn!!!

What do we provide?
1. The sample wood boards.
2. The brushes.
3. The distressing tools (ie: sandpaper, Scotch Bright, hairdryer, etc.)
4. Handout of class outline.
5. Snack, drinks and YES a bit of chocolate too!
6. And MOST important the samples of Annie Sloan Paints!!!

MJ Taylor

You will be taught by one of our incredible team members from Hueology. Each one has been taught the “Annie Sloan” way from our local Stockist, Barb Skivington, at Faux Works Studios in High Point, NC (who was taught by Annie herself… yes, there is truth in 6 links to someone “famous”…he he he!). There will be an assistant for extra hands-on and help with clean-up, pictures and yes… passing out of the ever so valuable chocolates.

Duck Egg Blue Crackle with Dark Wax

You will walk away with at least 5 techniques to use at home. You will have the opportunity to try several different paint colors. Also, You will love your new ideas and latest addiction to the world of Chalk Paint. It’s all about YOU learning at Hueology!!!

We hope you join us at our next class. Keep posted of our updates on Facebook. Want to be added to our e-mail list of what’s coming soon? Send us an e-mail to be added to our mailing list.

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Green with Envy…

Close Up of Antibes

So, once again…Antibes Green from Annie Sloan is screaming greatness scratching the surface of beauty!!! This chair is a true antique, my mother was the one to point that out after I acquired it from my cousin, from her mother, from her mother, from well… you get the point. The great part is, I have two, but only painted one… I will save more greatness for a rainy day!!!

Yummy Details

This chair is a bit on the small side, but now stands tall with it’s texture and color. It’s always fun to see how each pice of furniture shows a new personality after you start. NEVER FAILS… I start with one color or technique and end in another. From the distressing to the waxing, each piece is unique to itself!

Green w/ Envy in ALL her Glory

Below you will see a chair which we did the imposto (I think that’s how you spell it) technique. It’s thick and rich… and I am dying to try on an entire piece of furniture!!! I was wanting you to see the difference that one can of paint (and color wax) a can make. Annie Sloan, once again, is rocking the ideas!!!

TWO techniques and styles… ONE color.

Want to learn this technique? Take our class at Hueology!!!

Have you painted something green? Share it with us via e-mail and maybe we will post it on our blog!!! Or go to our Hueology Facebook page and post your pics there… We LOVE to share!!!

{E-mail us for more details on the class at}

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Light it up…

This was one of this unique pieces that has been in need of something for a while. I still feel that the shade would be beautiful in a caramel shade of brown, cork or burlap of sorts. But it is, what it is and we have this “simple” shade in white on it still… but at the price we are selling it for (see last picture below) you can afford to go get that extra special shade that fits your style and not ours 🙂

Who doesn’t love a little grey and tan for that neutral, go-any-where kinda floor lamp? Beats that old boring metal look we see in every “big guy” shop in town… and I’m not talking the shop for “tall men”!!! You know, the ones where they are cookie cut in another country?

This lamp was hand made and carved by a neighbor of mine several years ago… it’s value is much higher than we marked it, but we also want someone to buy and love it as we have for years 🙂 Don’t you love the swirl in the base middle? That’s one piece of solid wood!!!

The funny thing about this lamp… I just wanted to take fab pictures to show it off. What do you think?

Do you have a lamp you have painted? Do you love it, do you hate it or are you indifferent?

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It’s not just another pretty color…

Duck Egg/Old White/Dark Wax

Here at Hueology, we love more than the luscious colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paints! We love the texture her paints create to the final project! Yes we are very tactile… we rub and feel everything we paint before, during and after. We’ve even been known to touch it before it dries by mistake a time or two as well!!!

Antibes Green
Old White
Olive {painted by Kate McKee}

Emperor’s Silk {painted by Kate McKee}

Chateau Grey/Old Ochre

SO, next time you paint a piece, what does your undertaking feel like to you? Does she speak to you and tell you what to do next? Does she make you feel more finished and give you that sense of accomplishment when you put the brush down? Do you think we are crazy? That’s ok… we do too!!!

{Special thanks to Kate McKee at Total Bliss for adding a little texture to her beautiful pieces for others to see touch!}

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Seeing Red…

At first glance, this color scared me…It came out of the can in a hot shade of pink!!! I was trying to figure out what the fuss was all about of the Annie Sloan CP Emperor’s Silk.

Well, it didn’t take long after two coats and a brush of clear/dark wax to richen this hue up to all it’s potential!!! No distressing even needed. Don’t you love it? You have to admit… even if you don’t favor red everyday, there is a boldness in this color in every way!!! Want to see this chair in all it’s glory? Come visit us at Total Bliss in Summerfield.

Question of the day… Do you like red? If so, what would you paint this color if you had a can?

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