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Shades of Blue are Hot for Spring!


 I’m swooning over the latest issue of Pottery Barn!

They have done a fabulous job of showcases all the HOT shades of Indigo Blue for the upcoming season! The blues are perfectly paired with my favorite neutrals as well!


I love, love, love this bed….but sadly I fear my darling Shih Poo would lift his leg on it!

Am I the only one that has an annoying, but so sweet and cute, male dog that must do this?!? Why?!?

I’m feeling like breaking in to some Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® and some French Linen Chalk Paint® very soon!


mixed with some fabrics like these!



I’ll be sure to share with you my rendition of Indigo Blues and Neutral Linens on some furniture very soon!

Painting Bathroom Cabinets – Master Bath Makeover

I’ve been wanting to redo my master bath for quite sometime.  I’ve been loving all the gray and white bathrooms all over Pinterest….of course….aren’t you??
There are two reasons I have not tackled this bathroom in the last few years and it original everything since we moved in 11 years ago…
oh, and lets throw #3 in, ….we have been looking at houses to buy
So, the big question has been major renovations? or just a makeover?
Here is what we had to work with…
A mural that was painted before we moved in by the builder and thermofoil cabinets in which the outer plastic coating had completely come off.
People are shocked when they found out I had not painted over this mural years ago.  My reasons, because #1, I don’t like to pay people to paint rooms (I only have twice in 11 years because they were 2 story rooms!) and #2 the mural was oil paint and there was texture to it, which would involve dsanding and priming and lots of work!!!
So, last month I finally decided the budget could not handle my grand Pinterest dream remodel quite yet. I decided to just paint the walls and cabinets.  The sanding of the walls sucked, the priming of the mural sucked, and the climbing on cabinetry and ladders really, really sucked!  Add in the fact that I decided to do this in bare feet and got a nasty case of plantar fascitis in BOTH feet from climbing all over for days on end!
Goodbye mural!
2 coats of primer and 3 coats of Benjamin Moore Simply White
The cabinets were the easy part!  The thermofoil  peeled off the drawer fronts in seconds.  The only place I left it was on the sides of the cabinet and the cabinet boxes.  I sanded this part with 150 grit sandpaper for a few seconds to rough it up.
Next, 2 coats of Paris Grey Chalk Paint® brand decorative paint by Annie Sloan.
I was not in the mood for waxing.  Plus, I had just discovered a new product by Artisan Enhancements called Clear Top Coat and I’m loving it.  I painted on 2 thin coats of this matte finish that works beautifully with Chalk Paint®, attached the old knobs, plus two fun whale tails I had gotten at Anthropologie and called it DONE!
I added an old door from Habitat Humanity that I painted with some Paris Grey and French Linen Chalk Paint® and chipped it up, and an old ladder from a flea market.
It is amazing how just paint and a few vintage finds can completely transform a space??
 It feels so much lighter and brighter in there!

Prepping Surfaces for Paint

We all love Chalk Paint® because there is minimal prep work.  No priming, sanding, or striping.  Beautiful, beautiful words in a painters world.  Music to our ears.
I’m admitting to painting over, dirt, cobwebs, stains and even mold many a time in my life.
But, I’ve been burned a few times too because I did not take the time to clean and “prep” items I have painted.  The cost….TIME!  Sweet and very precious TIME.  And often times a lot more paint, which equals MONEY.
With a super easy, very quick {and cheap!} cleaning protocol you can eliminate any potential “situations” that occur.  “Situations” you say?
The number one cause of a Chalk Paint® “situation” is GREASE and it often comes disguised in the form of this….
Yep, Pledge, aka Furniture Polish.
I remember every Saturday morning Mom handed me a rag and some Pledge and I “dusted” all our furniture.  That is a lot of furniture polish over the years!
Don’t freak out people….It is OK!! I’m going to give you my standard cleaning protocol I use on pieces I feel MAY give me a fit. That means I don’t do this every time, or on everything I paint.
 What happens is that grease repels the Chalk Paint® and it will not adhere to the areas grease has built up on.  It usually happens after the second coat of paint has been applied.  You will notice that the paint begins to crack and peels away from the surface.  To avoid this I suggest the following “prep” steps:
Gather yourself some Scotch Brite Pads, TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate Cleaner) and some Denatured Alcohol.  All these products are cheap and available at Lowes, Home Depot, etc.  Scrub (firmly!) down your furniture with the TSP and abrasive pad first.  Next, get a soft cloth and use the Denatured Alcohol to wipe any residue left behind from the cleaner.
Generally, after doing this you should be ready to pop open your paint and move on.
Generally?  Yes, because there is always an exception to everything right?
Meet my latest challenge….
She looks pretty unassuming right? Well, after my cleaning protocol, she felt very “sticky”, especially on the top, probably where she had been “dusted” with furniture polish over the years.  So, I sanded the top with some 150 grit sandpaper and for the second time I scrubbed her down really really really good with my pad and more TSP.  Still sticky.  This is when I break out another super cheap time saver….
Clear Shellac….Zinsser is my brand of choice.  Paint one or two thin coats of Shellac on the sticky areas, or the entire piece if necessary.  Now you have “sealed” that area and created the perfect surface for your Chalk Paint® to adhere to!
Easy Peasy right?
So, what if you skip the cleaning and you find yourself in a “situation” of cracking and peeling paint?
DON’T FREAK OUT…it is very fixable….
Scrap your peeling paint off, sand down the areas, seal with the Shellac, repaint and move forward!
I’ve painted and waxed this nightstand with no “situations”!  I’ll post some afters soon!

I hope this information was helpful to you!!!

Driftwood Wash Look Table

 I recently had the chance to makeover an old oak pedestal table for a client.  It is an incredibly well made solid table with some great detail on the side….here is the before….
{note: the above picture does not really do the table justice…sorry!!)

I loved the grain in it and could not envision it covered up completely with paint.  Thankfully my client did not either!  She had seen a few pictures on Pinterest of some similar tables, so I had those to guide me on her desired end result.
We decided to use Graphite, Coco and Old White colors of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan to bring together her color scheme in the room.
I started by randomly applying Graphite first and then layered over a random layer of Coco.
When I finished it looked like this. I then began to to apply my Old White….and then a bird decided to add a little design element as well!!
It got a little complicated at this point I must say!!  Apparently Bird Poo is one of the “substances” that will remove Chalk Paint® from furniture! Ugh!!  As I scrubbed off the offending Poo I also removed the paint!  After fixing that little area I was apply to continue my Old White/Wax application.
After rubbing in some Clear Soft wax on the entire table, I then wiped on the Old White.  I do this because the Soft Wax provides a great working surface for the Old White.  I could rub it into the grain and remove any extra paint I did not want in specific areas.  I then finished it all off with a light coat of Clear Wax again as a final layer of protection.
I’m calling this a Driftwood Look.
It is super easy!
 A few other colors that would have looked great in this look would be French Linen and Paris Grey

Sharing some of my home……

When we were in New Orleans we learned a lot about STYLE!
It really made me think about my own style and how I have decorated my own home.
 I get asked ALL the time when I teach class if my entire house is painted in Chalk Paint®?!?!
Is it?  Let’s find out…..
I snapped a few pictures of my living room…..I did not clean up or fluff….so this is pretty much is it….average ordinary day in my house….
Lanie is very happy that I put this old French Provincial dresser  that I painted behind the sofa….she uses it as a chin rest daily….I’m so glad its there for her… she crushes down my couch cushions further and further everyday!
So, yes I like the curves of French Provincial furniture, and I like turquoise blues……
I’m also very much like coastal things, shells and blue glass and rusty crusty things too….
Driftwood is also a big part of the decor in my house as well.  I collect tons of it when I go to the beach and use it all around my house…..and hoard it in the garage!!
I also like words and sayings……
So here is the big picture…..
not too much Chalk Paint® going on….at least in this room… ha ha!
The chair to the left of the fireplace is a $25 yard sale find….painted in a mix of French Linen and Old White and a grain sack cushion.  It has a cane back….I thought I had a better picture just of the chair, but I don’t…so sorry…maybe next time!
Ok, so what about that big glaring piece of wood on the left???  
I so can’t even believe that it even exists!  My husband has very little opinion on anything in our house and does not want it painted….but trust me….it will be!!!
I’m feeling some Pure White, Old White and French Linen in some combination on it….

Any thoughts???  Please share!!!


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New Orleans with Annie Sloan

Yep, last week I was blessed to be able to spend the week in New Orleans with the brilliant artist Annie Sloan!  The creator of the most amazing paint I have ever gotten my hands on, Chalk Paint®!  She is the real deal….talented, smart, funny and very genuine!
We were greeted with this lovely vignette staged at our hotel.  The walls are Paris Grey with clear wax.  the chairs on done in Old White and are covered on one of Annie’s new fabrics, the Pastoral Toille.  I’m very inspired to paint a wall now!
I really just kicked back and enjoyed it all and did not take very many photos.  Sometimes I get so worried about the photos that I lose out on a little of the experience!
This is a photo I took of the street just as we started a fabulous treasure hunt on Royal Street!  We we welcomed into 12 fabulous stores and galleries and given clues to find an item.
The colors and crust in NOLA rock!
No pictures of food but let me assure you that I was WELL FED!!  Thank you to the Annie Sloan Unfolded Team who hosted the party for a stellar job on everything!!
One of the high lights of the time with Annie was that she talked a lot about her amazing new book Color Recipes for Painted Furniture that was just released.  It is available for purchase at your local stockists shop.  If you don’t know where that may be check out Annie’s website to locate one!
Annie talks a lot about color in the book and I learned so much!  All the photos in the book are from her home in France that she spend last summer at doing all sorts of projects with her paint and fabric.  The biggest thing that blew me away was the painting of fabrics!!
Can’t afford to recover a chair?  PAINT THE FABRIC!!
or get some of hers….
My head is still spinning from it all!
I’m super excited to incorporate some new things into my workshops at Total Bliss!!!
I heard the work piled up at the shop while I was gone so I’m off on the Monday morning to dive back into the paint!!
Have a blessed day my friends!!

Southern Ideal Home Show….it’s almost here!

I’ve been a little absentee from blogging!  Myself and the rest of the gang at Total Bliss have been SUPER busy preparing for the Southern Ideal Home Show!
The Total Bliss team will be showcasing our talents in one of the 5 Designer Showcase Rooms….your much overlooked Dining Room!
Of course Chalk Paint® is very much a part of our makeover on an outdated Dining Room Suite.  We used a palate of Old White, Country Grey and Florence.  We also used some Barcelona Orange and Provence in the room as well!

Come see our fully accessorized room and visit us in our second booth in which we will be doing Chalk Paint® demo’s and selling the paint as well!!

Show Location:
Special Events Center
Greensboro Coliseum Complex
1921 W. Lee St.
Greensboro, NC  27403-2699
Hours : 
Friday: 10am-8pm


Saturday: 10am-8pm


Sunday: 11am-5pm



Working the Work Shops!

Last week we rocked a serious amount of Chalk Paint® at Total Bliss!
We started last Sunday with a packed full {smile!} Chalk Paint® 101 Class.  Look how brilliant Antibes looks in my photo!  I upgraded to newly remodeled PicMonkey and I’m still trying to navigate my way around it, there is so much to choose from filter wise, etc.
We did 2 sessions of Work Book Club last Tuesday.  One at 10 am and another at 6 pm.  We did some serious mixing and recording of color in our Annie Sloan Work Books.  I gave each member an assignment….they had to custom create a signature color and record it on a sample board and name it!
We came up with some pretty combo’s….I hope to get a blog post up with all those!  My very favorite was French Linen and Paris Grey mixed together at a 1:1 ratio!!
We ended the week painting and stenciling old wooden trays!

I ended the week feeling so blessed that I met all these wonderful ladies who came to attend my Work Shops!

Color Mixing with Chalk Paint®

Yesterday I got serious about mixing up a large batch of a custom green using Chalk Paint®.  I have a client who is decorating a beach house.  She has found 6 different chairs to go in the home and requested a fun green to finish them in.  I played around with several versions using teaspoon amounts of Antibes, Arles and Olive.
This involves deep thinking and math at the same time! Yikes!
Here is a bigger look at the mad chemist at work!
I bought a few clean new paint cans at Home Depot to mix in.  They are only a little over $2.00 each and so worth it!
My original formula was 2 teaspoons of Antibes, 2 teaspoons of Arles and 1 teaspoon of Olive, a 2:2:1 ratio.
I next had to figure out my overall amount of paint (plus extra…remember always make extra!!)  Thank goodness we are doing fractions in 5th grade math and I’m up to speed.
I mixed 1 1/2 cups of Antibes, 1 1/2 cups of Arles and 3/4 cup of Olive
Here it is…I managed to get 2 chairs done with 2 coats….
I’ll share them when they are complete!

Things I’ve Learned – Custom Mixes

I’ve got a few words to say today about custom mixes….
and when I say custom mixes I mean
mixing colors together
making waxes and glazes
mixing color and wax
and so on
and so on
Here is my unofficial rule….which still has failed me on occasion….


I have screwed myself a few times over.  I’ve estimated how much I will need and I RUN OUT before finishing up my piece! I’ve tried to duplicate what I’ve made and I’ve failed, causing 2 and 3 times the amount of work I ever would have had to do if I had not made TWICE AS MUCH as I had estimated needing!
I know it can seem wasteful.  You are thinking “why waste what I don’t use?” “Will I ever use this shade again?”  Chances are “No”.  But, you have saved your self a lot of additional product you may have to use trying to recreate your original formula.  Plus, you save yourself a lot of time!
Time is MONEY!  
I charge more for custom mixes knowing that I will be making more than I need.  I’ve learned the hard way too many times!


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