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The Color Inspiration Notebook…a must have!

You know when you have a great idea in your head?

 I’m sure we are all familiar with all the great ideas that come and go in our brains daily….I sure do!

Well, my friend Debbie Dion Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky, popped that great idea out of her brain and put it into press…in record time I must say!  I not quite sure I feel worthy of being one of her contributed artists….but I’ll go ahead and shout it from the mountain tops that I am!



I tell my customers at Total Bliss daily that the hardest thing about using Chalk Paint®, or any other paint you choose, is picking a color.  You are investing your time and money in a project and you want to be sure that the color and style is right for you and your project.

So….in walks the Color Inspiration Notebook.  It is super easy to carry with you and is packed FULL of visual inspiration… broken down in amazing color sections.  It is Pinterst in your purse!

So, how do you get one? Click on over to Debbie’s Website, My Patch Of Blue Sky, to find out where you can purchase one, or order one off her website for $19.95 and have her ship one to you!

Also, make sure you check out lots more stuff on Debbie’s website.  She has some really great tutorials for some amazing paint and stencil projects! I’ve learned TONS from her over the years and you can too!