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I’m Coloring!

IMG_5580Last summer on my beach vacation I bought a coloring book.  I started coloring that week…and I’ve been hooked ever since!

I needed an outlet to replace mindless time on my computer.  I realized that when I was overwhelmed and stressed I was mindlessly trolling the never ending abyss called the “internet”.  I remember when I first heard the word internet, the information super highway!  Well, that it is!  So instead of clogging the brain up with the information super highway I’m coloring!

IMG_5582I got a fabulous set of colored pencils from Barn’s and Noble!  They are so much better than the Crayola ones I had found in my kids cast off school supplies.

Check out the coloring book my sister in law got me for Christmas!  I am a HUGE Outlander fan!!! I can’t wait to color Jaime!

IMG_5584Of course I colored a house first! If you can’t decorate one color one!

IMG_5585Has anyone else been coloring??

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