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My Kitchen Makeover


 Give me a can of paint and I am Dangerous….

Dangerously Good!

My kitchen makeover is almost complete…is anything ever completely complete?

Here it the official before photo, taken on the day we moved in.


I love this kitchen!

I love it because it is really big and functions really well for us.  I know lots of you are ripping out the kitchen desks (mine is located on the wall on the left), but I love a desk in the kitchen! The kitchen is the central place in a home, especially with kids.  We have our computer in the kitchen.  I think with kids that is a very good idea! One of the biggest reasons we bought this house was for the kitchen.  I could see right past that outdated oak cabinetry because I knew that I could paint it and love it.  Also, the counter tops and appliances were fairly new.  Knowing I did not need to replace them right away really helped.

The first thing we did was have the popcorn ceilings scraped and the walls painted.  That alone was a huge improvement!  I lived with it like that for several months trying to decide how I would paint the cabinets.  I LOVE white cabinets, but I did that in the last house.  White cabinets are fabulous, but a pain to keep clean!

On a whim one day, I broke out the Paris Grey Chalk Paint….because I had about 20 million more pressing things to do…but oh well….


These cabinets are 21 years old, they did indeed need a super duper clean job.  ALL kitchen cabinets, regardless of age, need to be THOROUGHLY cleaned an prepped….no matter what kind of paint you are using.  I lightly sanded them with 150 grid sandpaper (to loosen the debris)…and used some child labor for this one.  I then SCRUBBED the heck out of them with TSP cleaner and a Scotch Brite Pad, and then wiped them down with Denatured Alcohol.


I applied 2 coats of Paris Grey Chalk Paint, lightly distressed the edges, and then wiped on some clear wax.

Look, I even painted over ALL of the hinges!  I did not want to invest the money and time in purchasing and installing new hinges for cabinets that I hope to replace in a few years.


I got all new brushed nickel hardware online from Cook Knobs and Pulls for $63 for the ENTIRE kitchen, and that included shipping!

kitchen2I painted the inside of the shelves above the desk in Pure White Chalk Paint.

kitchen4I removed the cabinet doors from this section, and painted the insides with Pure White Chalk Paint.

Kitchen1We also removed the wooden valance board that was over the sink.  It was hiding a super ugly florescent light.  We trimmed out the sides with the pieces we took off and had a pendant light ($89 from Home Depot) installed.  While we were having the bathroom done, I sporadically decided to do a white subway tile backsplash…that made a huge difference as well!!


The cost of the materials for the backsplash was only $200, plus the labor to install.  Very pleased with this decision!


I’m so, so, so in love with it!  It feels so light and bright!


I also installed a $29 brushed nickel barn light from Home Depot to replace the oil rubbed bronze one.

I still need to do something about that ceiling fan.  I will either replace it with a flush light or paint it white so it just blends into the ceiling.

If you want to read more about my fabulous kitchen table here is a post I did on that. 

Basically in 6 weeks, and not a whole lot of money, I was able to completely give my kitchen a whole new look and feel!

And because many have asked, my counter tops are actually laminate, although they look like granite, and I really love them! I’m surprised at how much I love them.  Many of my friends with granite have complained about the clean up of their counters. These wipe up great!  And ironically….we have the same countertops in our RV….CRAZY!  It was meant to be!

Now I can just kick back and enjoy the fabulous view from the kitchen window!


Here is a resource list for materials used and costs:

Paris Grey Chalk Paint® – Purchased 2 cans, used about 1 and 1/2 cans (I did not paint the inside of the cabinet doors so this saved a lot of paint and time)  $83.16

Pure White Chalk Paint® – Purchased 1 can, used about 1/3, for the inside of the cabinets – $41.58

Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax – I used about 1/2 a can, but still need to finish putting on a second coat – $28.78

The kitchen back splash was tiled by Andy Beach of Champion Tile, based here in the Triad area of NC.  Cost of tile $200 plus labor.

Walls are painted Snowbound by Sherwin Williams

Lighting was purchased at Home Depot

Weekend Update



HUGE progress on the bathroom last week!!!

Andy Beachy, owner and installer at Champion Tile, installed the floor.  I know I’m going to get TONS of questions about this tile.  It is a Farmhouse Plank tile in Winterwood that my designer Julie Jersey got at Traditions in Tile in Greensboro, NC.  The moment I saw it I knew it was “the one”! I knew it would be awesome, but seeing it installed was just incredible!!

The vanity is WHITE.  Just as I wanted.  WHITE.  I ordered WHITE.  I got WHITE.


I looked every where for mirrors.  I finally decided on the hotel recessed medicine cabinets from Pottery Barn.

And I ordered WHITE.  OK, so PB’s idea of WHITE….is a very CREAMY WHITE.  UGH!


They are scheduled for install tomorrow…I just got them out of the boxes Friday after vanity was installed.

So….I broke out the white semi gloss paint leftover from the trim in the house.  It’s oil based….praying it is dry enough for install!

And while the paint was drying….I enjoyed a beautiful NC Sunday afternoon at my house


I lay in the warm grass and hung with Sweet Pearl!


Master Bath Demo!




Today was THE day….the demolition of the Master Bath did occur!





This big space at the end is where our BIG double shower will go!!


Here is a little peak at what I’ve been working on….Paris Grey on the Kitchen Cabinets

I’m LOVING it!!


The story of “The Table”

tablecloseupThis is my kitchen table….

….and here is the story of how it came to be…..

Once Upon A Time, in April of 2013, I went for my first time to the Liberty Antiques Festival, in Liberty NC.  (And because she will want a mention…I was with my friend Angela Clodfelter!) Anyway, I had been excited for WEEKS about finally going to this festival, which so many people had raved about.  As the day approached for our planned trip I found myself in extreme pain in both feet due to a major onset of plantar fascists.  But, I’m a tough girl (can I get an “Amen”?) and of course I went anyway…and did every stinking row…twice!

When my eyes spied this table…it spoke to me…it moved me…I had to touch it immediately.  I wanted to know all about it.


The gentleman who was selling it told me that it had been an old shop counter that had been rescued from South Boston, Virginia.  I knew I wanted it, but had no idea what I would do with it.  At 6 feel long it was not an easy size to pop into just any room.

I walked away…but it “haunted” me the rest of the day.  As the sun was setting, and the vendors were packing up, and I was in extreme foot agony…I decided to take one last stroll by.  Just as I did, I noticed that she was being loaded back onto the truck she came in. No one had bought her!  It was a sign!  I ran up into the truck and negotiated a deal just in time!  I wish I still had the pictures from that day from my phone…oh well.

When I got home, I put it in my garage, thinking that I would sell it to Nancy, the shop owner at Total Bliss (where I work).  I had already texted her pictures and told her I had this fabulous table that would work great in her store somewhere.  It was pretty apparent when I got the table home (to my old house) that it was not going to work anywhere in my house.  It was just too big!  But, I walked past her each day in the garage and could not part with it.  She stayed in the garage until August.  In August, we moved Total Bliss to new location, and I decided that I would just use it at work for my “desk”.  That way I could still be near her every day!

Then of course in October we sporadically sold our house and moved!

tablewithpaperAnd guess what fits perfectly into our kitchen like she was made for it??

“The Table”

We love it!!! I left it completely natural, as is.  We have a giant roll of craft paper.  We just rip a big piece off, eat dinner on it, and then throw it away when we are done!  I might seal the wood on top, but I have not decided.  Nothing else has been done to it, this is the natural patina from over the years!

stoolsThe table is counter height.  So, I got these adjustable bar stools to use at the table.  The source is Foreside Home and Garden .  I was able to get them from here because Nancy has an account with them.


Here is another goodie I got at the festival.  I’m super drawn to anything metal, and rusty and old these days!

End of Story?

No, it is only the beginning…

A peak at my “studio”…



The moment I saw the basement workshop in our new home I knew that this house was for us.  I immediately had visions of what I wanted it to become.  A comfortable work space for myself…MYSELF….did you catch that?  That would be Me, Myself and I!  We have 3 acres, a 2 car garage, a basement rec room, and the boys have HUGE bedrooms.  So there is really no reason for anyone to be in MY space!

Almost 3 months later here is the reality of the situation…..


This is the nook that I have planned for my office or an area to photograph pieces of furniture in.  I’ve tried throwing those plants away several times and somehow they end up back inside….


Apparently this chair is a great place for BB guns and Airsoft pistols.


Here is my fabulous super long work bench!  Yep….its a complete unorganized mess!!  I can’t find anything when I need it…but that is how I operate….in complete chaos.  I had visions of all that pegboard….that it would be all perfectly organized with all my “stuff” and I would just get what I need and put it back when I was done!


Kinda like this!


And check all this stuff out…Its the entire contents of our RV that has landed in MY SPACE!!

So, if I need to BBQ up some lunch, or sit in a reclining outdoor chair I’m all set!


I mostly don’t eat though when I work….I just get so busy…I live on Cliff Bars and trail mix….and wrappers are always scattered about!


A girl can still dream!  I do have visions and plans for this space!

Master Bathroom


Welcome to my Master Bathroom!

 I pointed out in a previous post about our new home, that this bathroom was almost a deal breaker on buying this house.  It is a bowling alley nightmare!  I also knew right away that any type of solution was beyond just a little paint.

mastershowerCheck out the space capsule shower straight out of 1991….I feel like for 1991 this was still a serious crime the day it was done!

I’m kinda a shrimp of a girl and I’m totally claustrophobic in this shower! So thankful for my 20/400 vision so I don’t have to really “see” the nasty stained fiberglass.  Hello curves that won’t let any bottles rest upright on them!

bathtubThis bath tub is another crime!  57″! Dang…that is a hard space to replace with anything stylish or worthy of “sitting” in.

It is currently serving as the place in which I bathe the dogs!

We’ve tossed around many different scenarios in making this bathroom more functional and enjoyable, yet still not spending every last penny we have to remodel the house with.  We considered moving plumbing, primarily the toilet, either into the linen closet space, which then required us to move the entire entrance into the bathroom.  We also considered moving it to where the bathtub currently is.  We even considered doing something like this….

dreambath…where we kept the bath tub in a large shower area at the end of the bathroom.  But, then the quest for a bath tub small enough to fit in 57″ began.  By the time we added up the expense of the bath tub and fixtures our budget was BLOWN!

My fabulous friend, and Interior Designer (who knows me really well since she did spend 11 years right across the street from me!) Julie Jersey, of Julie Jersey Designs, pointed out that I DON’T TAKE BATHS!  Yep, this total ADD girl, (me!) cannot sit still long enough to even enjoy a bath!

Problem solved….back on budget…we are nixing a bath tub, and going for a HUGE double shower (using the entire space where the bathtub and shower currently are!) with 2 shower heads!

That also means we are leaving the toilet where it is…but we are OK with that.

Traditional Bathroom by Jenkintown Interior Designers & Decorators Robinson Interiors
Here my inspiration board I made on Polyvore for my bathroom style:
xThis is the tile I have picked out so far….large beveled subway tile in the shower and this Winterwood Weathered Farmhouse tile for the floors.
I’m also working with another FABULOUS friend and business, Dustin Marsh of Omega Creations Kitchens and Bath Design.  He has patiently listen to me jabber (aka. whine!) on about this bathroom, spent hours measuring and spearheading design and solutions within my budget.  He is currently working on our double vanity! Which I think I have decided to have gray cabinetry.
We hope to start demo in the next month!! 

Brassy is just not Classy!

I am the proud owner of 6 of these lovely ladies!
Her body is brassy, her appendages are a slick plastic, crafted to look like real oak…and oh that sexy etched curvy glass! I know you are sooo jealous I have SIX of these!
Well…I’m down to 5!
 Thanks to this guy, whose number one most hated thing is doing anything electrical!  Even with the breaker turned off he was still not too happy about this!


But, he did get to break bad with the law enforcement bolt cutters to snap off a few long bolts that were giving us a fit in hanging the new chandelier!
I splurged an got this baby I had been eyeballing in Ballard Designs catalog for quite some time!
The Denley 6 Light Pendant Chandelier
Now I just need some furniture…
….and lower wattage bulbs!
I feel the 60 watt Ballard recommended are too bright!
I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of 2 apartment sized sofas for this room
The peanut gallery seems quite satisfied with my 16 year old chairs with sheets draped on top!
Stayed tuned in because my next brassy light transformation involves Chalk Paint®!

Letting go of Control of the Brush!

The moving truck was due any day….and …. the painters had my entire house taped off, and the ceilings were down and painted in record time.
My original intention was to just have the living room and dining room painted and I would do the rest myself.  I’ve painted a few rooms in my life so what were a few more right?
As the hours went by I kept adding rooms!! In the end I had everything ceiling, baseboard, crown molding, door and wall painted except the basement and the bonus room.
I had a fresh clean slate to bring in the furniture and start decorating!  I let go of the CONROL issues and CHEAPNESS issues and I am so relieved I did!  I can save in other ares.  Time is worth money!!  And I saved TONS of that!!
I also did not have much time to pick out my paint colors because the guys were rolling….
Here is my basic pallet I used in the house.  Snowbound looks more gray on the screen.  It is my favorite “White” ever.  I used it in my dining room in my last house and knew I wanted it again.
Here are a few SUPER quick photos I snapped right before movers rolled in with furniture.
Snowbound in the Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen.  White Trim.
Repose Gray in the hallway and laundry room and boys bathroom.
Mindful Gray in the half bath and boys bedrooms.
Where is my blue? Last minute I added Woodlawn Blue to Master.  I’m not sure about it…it’s REALLY blue in there.  But, I’m keeping it for now.
OK…gotta go unpack some boxes!!

Week 1…..

The day of closing this is what the front of the house looked like!
We had closed on the other house 3 days prior, so there was no time to waste on getting started on this one.  Thankfully, my parents live just a few miles away and we were bunking with them, but we were anxious to get life under way in the new pad.
The first task on hand was to remove the popcorn ceiling.  I knew that if it was going to be done we had to do it before we moved our furniture in.  Although we had visions of saving tons of money and using all our spare time with spray bottles and scrapers…(NOT!)…we made the best move ever and hired Vasquez Painting Company to get the job done.
They prepped perfectly and in record time …. less than 1 day had it all removed from the entire first floor and almost all the second floor!!
During the 3 day removal we continued to bunk at my parents.  Once the mess was cleaned up and they started painting, we finally moved into the house into the basement.  We still had no furniture, or kitchen supplies….or beds….
We cooked in the RV and slept in the basement on air mattresses for 4 nights
The weather was perfect…
Asher enjoyed meeting our new neighbor Pearl!  She is the sweetest donkey!
Another big decision we made was to have the house painted inside.  Yep, you heard it…I let someone else do all the painting of the walls! Gasp!
I’m so thankful we did!
What colors did I choose?

The Official "BEFORE" Photos of the New House

We are finally the official owners of this house!
I still can’t believe that in just under 3 months we found this house, prepped and sold our house and moved!!
When I woke up here the first morning, I just looked around and was still just in shock that
I wanted to share the official BEFORE photos first …. so here they are!
Welcome to the Land of Oak, Brass and oh my Popcorn Ceiling!
Who the heck thought that one up? A lazy man I assume…
To the right of the entry is the BIG living room with a grand fireplace!  I’m in love with the fireplace and the plantation shutters in this room!
(this photo is taken from the dining room looking towards the front of the house)
Straight off the Living Room is a very nice sized Dining Room that goes into an amazing Sun Room!
Check out that Super Brassy Chandelier!
This Sun Room is one of the reasons we feel in love with the house!  It sits up high and has an amazing view of our property.  Next door is a farm with donkeys and goats and a fabulous Red Barn!  Who doesn’t love a view with a Red Barn in it?!?!
I feel a lot of morning coffee will be sipped in here!!
Here is my view from the side window in the Living Room!
Here is the kitchen….yep there is that Oak Motif we have going on!  There are stainless steel appliances and newish counter tops and backsplash.
I love the bigness of this kitchen!!
A laundry room is adjacent that leads to an enormous oversized 2 car garage!  Big enough for the Harley, the Ford F150 and my car!!
The Master Bedroom is on the front of the house on the first floor.  You enter it to the left as you enter the house.  It’s got plantation shutters that look out onto the front porch.  It also has HIS and HERS CLOSETS!  Oh  my!  I cannot tell you what a dream come true for us this is!!  Basically my husband is the neat and organized one and I am a complete MESS!  We only had one shared closet in our last house.  Although it was big and luxurious, it was not working for us.  Hubs moved his stuff to the guest room closet year ago.  I’m sorry, I just don’t have time to be that organized!
Hello Green Walls….oh my!
And now I present you with the room that almost was the “deal breaker” on this house!  The Master Bowling Alley, I mean Bathroom.
I just about fell over when I entered.  It was actually the last room in the house we saw.  Somehow I missed that the master bedroom was on the first floor until I had seen the whole house.  My heart just SANK!  I knew that the house was “too perfect”!
Hello “Toilet in the MIDDLE OF THE ROOM”!  I’ve been so spoiled with the “toilet room” in our last house for the past 11 years.  That was only the beginning for me.  The double vanity was built for midgets I think.  The mirrors and lighting is abnormally low.  And then there is the teeny tiny 21 year old fiberglass insert shower and the strange “regular” bath across from it.
I felt like I was in a Ramada Inn!
My heart just sank….
but the Fabulous Workshop had stolen my heart!
The Man Cave with a wood burning fireplace and a full bath in the basement had stolen the hubs heart!
And the bigger than a football field, almost 3 acre lot!
The front porch I always dreamed of!
The lot was perfect, the all brick exterior perfect…the rest I can see past!
So, follow me on my journey!
I’m also excited to say that my website/blog is getting a HUGE makeover!!
I love even years and 2014 is gonna be GRAND!!


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