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Painted Stairs and Doors


When you walk in the front door of our house there is a staircase  immediately in front of you.  Lots of oak huh? Never bothered me for a second.  During our first showing all I saw was beautiful wood that could be painted.  Of course I did!  That is how I think….I imagine everything with paint on it.  The stair case is beautiful!  The design is perfect! I loved that the spindles were wood.  In my last house they were black iron and I was getting a little tired of it. Black Iron is nice, but not “changeable”.

 I like changeable elements.

Good classic bones go a long, long way!


It turned out exactly how I imagined it would!

A black handrail and white everywhere else!


We also painted the front door (previously white) and all the doors off the hallway black!

The walls are Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.


I’m continuing the black doors into the kitchen.  Today I was able to get the first coat on these two doors.  I’m using oil based paint and I’m HATING using the oil paint!  The doors were previously painted in white oil, so I had no choice but to go over oil with oil.  But, I know for lasting durability it is the right choice.  The smell is killing me and I’m so impatient with the dry time! Not to mention I’m a messy girl when it comes to painting and I’m covered in it.  Pretty sure I’ll just throw the brush away when I’m done too!

kitchendoorHere are some great black door inspiration photos from Houzz….catch the black door fever!

Farmhouse Entry by Edina General Contractors REFINED LLC
 The next photo has me thinking I’d like to add some waincotting in my hallway!
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Weekend Update



HUGE progress on the bathroom last week!!!

Andy Beachy, owner and installer at Champion Tile, installed the floor.  I know I’m going to get TONS of questions about this tile.  It is a Farmhouse Plank tile in Winterwood that my designer Julie Jersey got at Traditions in Tile in Greensboro, NC.  The moment I saw it I knew it was “the one”! I knew it would be awesome, but seeing it installed was just incredible!!

The vanity is WHITE.  Just as I wanted.  WHITE.  I ordered WHITE.  I got WHITE.


I looked every where for mirrors.  I finally decided on the hotel recessed medicine cabinets from Pottery Barn.

And I ordered WHITE.  OK, so PB’s idea of WHITE….is a very CREAMY WHITE.  UGH!


They are scheduled for install tomorrow…I just got them out of the boxes Friday after vanity was installed.

So….I broke out the white semi gloss paint leftover from the trim in the house.  It’s oil based….praying it is dry enough for install!

And while the paint was drying….I enjoyed a beautiful NC Sunday afternoon at my house


I lay in the warm grass and hung with Sweet Pearl!


Master Bath Demo!




Today was THE day….the demolition of the Master Bath did occur!





This big space at the end is where our BIG double shower will go!!


Here is a little peak at what I’ve been working on….Paris Grey on the Kitchen Cabinets

I’m LOVING it!!


31 Days of ASCP, Day 27…Your Work Zone

Well, here it is…my glorious “studio”!  
The Garage
A source of marital contention
A place where no 4 wheeled vehicles have seen the light of day
An episode of Hoarders
I could go on and on…..
Note that in this photo there are 3 MAJOR violations taking place.  Our garage is divided into 4 quadrants.  I am allowed to spread myself out in 3 of them.  The fourth one {the one the Harley lives in) is OFF LIMITS!  Here I see that the brand new, was still in the box, fire pit I scored at Goodwill has traveled into the penalty box, along with the desk stool to my french provencal set and 2 cans of paint.  
As you can see I’ve got some in progress work going on and several more that need to get started!  My goal is to get this under control and most of it out before the winter sets in.  Oh how I hate to get in a cold car.  I hope to have my van back in the garage in a few weeks!  
Where do you paint???  We’d love to hear about your “studio”!

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