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Things I’ve Learned – Lazy Lids

One of the biggest reasons I love using Chalk Paint™is because I can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.  It is the perfect paint for the people like me who need to see the stunning results with minimal work.
“Minimal work people” tend to be “minimal clean up people” as well…right?
We are not people who like to take the time to hammer nail holes in the rims for the paint to drain back into the can.
We are not people who like to clean off the lids so that paint does not build up around the rim.
We are the people that will buy these lids {above} with hopes that we will have clean, non crusty, easy to use and pour paint cans.
Things I’ve Learned….
I am the person who won’t clean the plastic lid off either.  I’m the person who will let the plastic lid crust up and I won’t screw on right either.  I also dislike these lids b/c the opening is very small for my brush.

Things I’ve Learned….

When you are lazy with your lids expect this at some point in your life!!

So I’m wondering if there is anyone out who keeps their lids all neat and pretty????

Day 3 – No Need to Prime or Prepare!

No Need to Prime or Prepare?  What?  Really?  That can’t possibly be true!!
I was going to have to see this to believe this.  I’ve done a lot of painting over the years and have always regretted when I did not properly prepare a piece beforehand.  I dug out these SUPER SHINY side tables that have been doubling as bedside tables in our guest room for forever and a day.  Check out the shine factor on this?  You can actually see a crystal clear reflection on the top!!!  {One must always have an audience when painting….that is why Asher is so handy….he always has to stand in a picture somewhere!}
Against better judgement I began slapping on Paris Grey.  The first coat dried super quick and I had a second coat on in no time.   Yep, it was sticking beautifully!  I was so excited!  Yippee I had a new best friend!

The table on the left is 2 coats of Paris Grey.  I was loving the color, but wanted to finish them off with some distressing and waxing.  On a whim I mixed up a deeper gray by adding some Graphite into the Paris Grey and wiped it all over the tables.  I then waxed with clear wax and distressed!

So, it is indeed true, there is no need to prime or prepare!  I’ve tested this statement from Annie Sloan over and over and it proves true each time!  
Thank you Annie!  You may but Kilz out of business!

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