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Château Grey Dresser…

Looking through files, I found these pics from last year. The Chalk Paint™ colors from Annie Sloan are incredible and classic still this year! Below is a before picture of the French Provençal, left in the rain, shabby dresser we got for a bargain! 
Here are our colors used by Annie Sloan to help tie in the old color with the new…
Cream Chalk Paint
Chateau Grey Chalk Paint™
Paris Grey Chalk Paint™
We used an exclusive stencil made just for Annie Sloan which we received while attending her conference!!! Annie taught us about layering and doing “more” with color and stencils. You can choose from a WIDE variety of stencils for your projects over at Royal Design Studios.
Here is the finished beauty queen…
Not a whole lot to say today, 
hope you are inspired anyway!
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Chalk Paint™ and textures…

Looking for a little more texture with your paints? Look no further than Chalk Paint™ decorative paint! Annie Sloan™ has done it again with beautiful colors to go with any decor. We here at Hueology, used her fabulous neutrals, French Linen and Old White.

How do you make that cool funky texture? We learned it from Debbie Hayes at Unfolded… get with her to learn more or sign up for our next texture class at Total Bliss in Summerfield!

Tell us… What are your favorite textures when painting?
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ready for fall…

What’s not to love about a great combination of the lovely purple and yellow hues for fall? We want to share the simple yet stunning Chalk Paint™ decorative paint color, Paloma by Annie Sloan, often overlooked and understated! When paired with the color Cream (the photo below is a bit on the bright side), it’s a marrying of the senses and fresh fall FUN…

A little sanding, clear wax by Annie Sloan and sweet little girl’s initial, per our customer’s request, and voila!!! Paloma pairs great with Pure white too!

Looking for a place to buy Chalk Paint™ decorative paints for yourself? Check out Annie Sloan Unfolded for the nearest stockiest to you!!!

Find us painting at Total Bliss most days… please visit if your near NC!!!

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Stenciled Desk…

When we saw this stencil on the floor at Barb Skivington’s, we knew we had to try a SMALLER version! The combination of Graphite and Old White Chalk Paint™ decorative paint is a classic from the word go! The great reveal of this piece shows that Chalk Paint isn’t just for distressing. This was a simple color combo from Annie Sloan, stunning stencils from Royal Design Studio and a whole lotta love from Hueology.

This cherry desk was originally slotted to go in our lovely spot at Total Bliss in Summerfield, NC (where we bought the stunning stencil). It never made it out of the garage at MJ’s… let’s just say a “passer byer”saw it, loved it & bought it. What more can we say.

Trish was just happy to grab a few pictures before we had to see it go…aren’t you glad we did? Now to find another great find to do it all over again!!!

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French Linen Chalk Paint™

Some days We just see in Chalk Paint™ decorative paint colors…LOL! We are inspired in all things, new & old. This post is about the color French Linen by Annie Sloan. Why do we love this color? It’s the perfect neutral from nature’s natural weathered look. Grey in any shade is also the hottest color on the market… that mother nature is so smart (Annie must have a direct line to her!!!).

Yes, the can has been opened and “loved”. It’s ok to be a bit on the messy sides… as a matter of fact, we would worry if all your cans were clean with no drips or spills! The real question is, why does Trish take pictures of the drippy cans…he he he!

This weathered wood, even though NOT painted, is beautiful in itself. You can achieve this look in several ways, from washes, bleaches, or simply digging through old piles of wood that are naturally aged! The piece below came off of  a pile from the gun range on Trish’s property, Shane’s Sporting Clays. You can even see the shot pieces left from years ago…How cool is that? (Pictures to come soon of the table made from this same piece of wood.)

And finally, the end of the can. There is a sense of gratification when you get to the bottom! The hard part is when you are in the middle of a project and have to run to the store to grab another can… or 10!!!

What inspires you?

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Red, White & Hue…

We are sharing a little project from last year, but decided it was a great time to honor our troops and praise them for our freedom!!! This was a fun time to bring together the perfect color combo for the good ol’ U.S.A.!!!

All this takes is a few pieces of scrap wood, a friend with great ideas, wood cutting tools. and of course Chalk Paint™ decorative paint to finish it off with grace! Thanks Janelle at Sodderbug for your help… and my little one who couldn’t wait to grab a power tool and drill away, Thanks Grant!!!

We at Hueology are thankful for our freedoms from this who have served. We can make things we choose and share time with our friends and families from their sacrifices for our county.

Here are the Chalk Paint™ colors we used in this simple & fun flag project:

What are you thankful for?

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Painted Trays…

Just finding photos from an afternoon project on my phone and trying the blog app…

Found these cool old trays at a “picker’s” house. I love them without paint, BUT that didn’t last long…

I grabbed a few colors of Chalk Paint™ on hand and a brush…

And maybe a stencil or two…


Don’t you LOVE? Want to buy a couple dozen for your shop or one for you cute little cottge? Send us a message and we’ll price them for you!!! Here’s a couple more, we have all the Annie Sloan colors to choose from!!!

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Friends with Florence…

Some days it’s just nice to have a friend to paint with. We had fun doing this demo at Splurges Boutique in Greensboro, NC. It was nothing super fancy, just a little Chalk Paint™ decorative paint, distressing and wax (sorry for no “before” photo).

We tried out the new color, Florence by Annie Sloan…YUM!!! This color is like that lively fun friend you always like to hang with, goes most anywhere, and can count on in time of need for cheering up. Annie has her own beautiful descriptions of her colors on her site, make sure to stop by for a visit!!!

In the end, we had a GREAT time with friends…good food for the soul!! 

What do you like to do with friends? Paint, giggle, paint, shop, paint, eat, paint, laze around at the beach…did we mention PAINT? 

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50 Shades Painted Rug…

We thought this title might catch your attention!!! YES,we read ALL three books, NO we are not going to discuss them (or continue dreaming of Christian Grey). When a friend of our Janelle, from Sodderbug called and wanted to make a trip to Ikea to grab some rugs to paint, of course we clamored at the chance for a road trip!
These rugs are NOT our unique or new idea and you can google to find them all over the blogesphere for fancy ideas and tutorials! Trish was a “naughty girl” and started while MJ was sunning on the beaches of our beautiful coastal Carolinas (spankings to come later… JUST KIDDING). It only means another FUN road trip and paintings with friends to come when she gets back!!!

ERSLEV Cotton Rug from Ikea (this one is a 4×6 and cost $39)
Frog Tape®
Chalk Paint™decorative paint 
(Trish mixed several shades of French Linen & Old White by Annie Sloan)
Small Roller Brush and Tray
Measuring Tape
Scotch Guard

Step 1: Measure and start taping any design you choose! We went simple for trial rug # 1. The possibilities are endless!!! Make sure to get your tape down good as to avoid bleeding. We love Frog brand tape as it really holds to the fabric well.

Step 2: Grab your roller, paint tray and go for it! We found the rug really soaks up the paint, so don’t be afraid to load your roller heavy. Be careful to not cross your lines. Trish started her rug (in mind) to make wide alternating stripes… only to have a few too many “dips & spills”. In the end, she had to paint it all and leave the skinny tape lines unpainted. 

Step 3: Spray Scotch Guard if you choose to make for easier clean up. 

Tadaa there you have it folks, “50 Shades of Annie Sloan Grey”!!! Okay, maybe it turned out to be only 5 shades, but the # 50 sounds so much better, agree? Maybe you should read the book and see for yourself. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, it’s a bit NAUGHTY… The entire project took about 3 hours.

The photos above are all painted with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. We used less than a can. Janelle from Sodderbug used paint from Sherwin William’s (she had left over from another project in her house). It worked great as well. We here at Hueology just love the shades by Annie and feel a bit less “naughty” knowing they will remain a lasting beauty on this fabric!
So… What are your “50 Shades”? 
Keep it clean ladies!!! 
MJ is a blue/grey girl, Trish is a green/brown girl or shall we say…
MJ is a Chalk Paint™Provence/Paris Grey girl and 
Trish is a Antibes Green/Coco girl…
Thanks to Annie Sloan!
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Drake Naylor Invitational

We have something so SUPER special, we can’t keep it a secret any longer!!! We at Hueology and Total Bliss support the Drake Naylor Invitational (in honor of Trish’s precious boy, Drake). ALL the proceeds go to help the GSO Cerebral Palsy Assoc. and their “special children”.

What do we have that’s so incredibly unique and special?
1. An Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™apron
2. One quart of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ (color of your choice)
3. A personally signed copy, by Annie Sloan herself, of The 50 techniques…

Want to know how you can, not only HELP, but WIN a ONE-OF-A-KIND prize from Annie Sloan? Can you believe how her signature is so artful and BEAUTIFUL?!?! Annie was so kind to do this at the book signing in Leesburg, VA. THANKS ANNIE!!!

Are you local?
1. Yes? Then come by Total Bliss in Summerfield and drop your name in the jar.
2. No?  Then purchase ALL the tickets your little heart desires by emailing Trish at (shipping NOT included) She will take your info and get you entered!!!

Shane, Grant, Trish & Drake Naylor

Are you wanting to help more?
Then, you can blog, Facebook and/or Twitter about it by copying any and ALL the info you read here. PLEASE link back to us so other can know the personal connection to the DNI!

For more info on donating, volunteering or being a part of our event (don’t forget, we have a GREAT silent auction), PLEASE email us at

Learn MORE about Drake and his life at
Visit him on Facebook at

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