Day 6….Supplies

Just a few weeks after the discovery of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Waxes we found ourselves knee deep in quite a few cans of paint and various other supplies we were using on our pieces.  Trish, the fabulous organizer, decided that we needed some method to our paint can madness.  
We painted the tops of all the cans with a dab of color so they would be easily identifiable.  She also got us these great plastic {a good material if a spill should occur!} basket crates with handles to haul all our supplies around in… and yes, that’s simply a laundry basket from Big Lots with some cool matching bin in the middle!!!  

The second most valuable tool besides the paint is the paint brushes.  The best brush to use is a NATURAL bristle brush….no synthetic bristles with this paint please.  These brushes are known in the paint brush world as “chip brushes” and they are quite inexpensive, starting at .99 for the small ones and up to $3.00 – $4.00 for the bigger ones.  We like to give our students each a pack to take home with them from our workshops.  They clean up great and if you forget to {or don’t feel like it!} they can be tossed without feeling guilty about the price!  A variety of sizes is good to have on hand ranging from 1″ to 3″.  It is also nice to have smaller artists brushes on hand for painting small areas and details on things.  These can be purchased at Michaels or any art supply store.

You will also want Annie Sloan Wax in clear and dark and 2 wax brushes…..this will be a separate post….so be sure to come back for the Wax Post….it will be very important!

Here is a list of other things we keep on hand in our “buckets” (besides paint & brushes):

  • sandpaper in a variety of grits, ranging from 80 up to 220
  • paint stirrers
  • paint can opener (we have several because we loose and find them everywhere!)
  • mineral spirits
  • lint free rags {old t-shirts or shop rags}
  • paper towels
  • baggies or aluminum foil to wrap used brushes in until you can clean them
  • screw driver for removing hardware
  • hair dryer for drying the last little spot you just cant wait 10 more minutes to dry!
  • Cheese Cloth for buffing or some sort of buffing tool 
  • a simple notebook for jotting down your latest mixures
  • And of course…”Quick and Easy Paint Transformations” book by Annie Sloan

Having all this handy has many advantages (and it ALL fits in our cute little bins).  It makes it all easy to clean up and put away.  This is important to the hubby too.  Your new habit may not set well with him, especially if you have suddenly taken over his garage!  It also makes it easy if you are traveling to another location to paint.  Your friends are going to beg you to come help them and get them addicted to the crack  paint too!

Oh yes, we also suggest snacks…Chocolate is always on our list!
To find out where you can purchase Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Waxes
 visit Annie Sloan Unfolded!
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Day 5….Mastering the French Look

Annie’s style of decor is very French influenced.  The color pallet is amazing.  Her book Creating the French Look is packed full of information on the different regions of France and how they have influenced her choice of paint color and style of painting.

One of our very favorite colors is Duck Egg Blue!  When we scored a vintage cabinet that was used to store sheet music our first thought was….Duck Egg Blue for sure!

The great curves and wood carving were perfect to try out some of Annie’s layering and sanding techniques.  

The entire piece, including the detailed trim was painted in 2 coats of Duck Egg.  After that dried {in super drying record speed!} we went back with a small brush and hand painted Old White on the edges and details we wanted to stand out. 

Next was clear wax and then distressing to give it the aged “French” antique look. I love how when you distress back the Old White you get some of the blue and the wood peeking out!  We then added brown wax just in certain areas we wanted to look more aged, like the corners of the doors and on the white to cute down the “newness” of the fresh white.
Did we get it right on this piece?
It was very hard to put it in the shop for sale!!!
Thanks for visiting….stick around….we’ve got lots more pretties to share!

To find out where you can purchase your own Duck Egg Blue {and all the other French inspired colors!} visit Annie Sloan Unfolded!

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Day 4…Losing the Oak

Lets talk a little bit about Oak today.  There is lots of different images that come to mind when I think of oak.  Very old antique oak can be beautiful.  But then there is the other “Oak Factor”.  Visit any yard sale or Goodwill and you will know what I’m talking about.  Great pieces, with great lines, solid and well made but very “oaky”.  Often times very shiny too!  These pieces are screaming “I need some Annie Sloan” for a super quick makeover.  They can give your room an entire new look.  Great pieces that you don’t mind really experimenting with color on.  
For this table we chose Old Ochre and Chateau Grey

We layered the two colors and then did some heavy distressing to reveal back the bottom color and some of the wood.  We finished the piece off with clear wax and she was ready to find a new home!
So, don’t be afraid to cover that oak, it is no sin in the world of Annie Sloan Paint!

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Day 3 – No Need to Prime or Prepare!

No Need to Prime or Prepare?  What?  Really?  That can’t possibly be true!!
I was going to have to see this to believe this.  I’ve done a lot of painting over the years and have always regretted when I did not properly prepare a piece beforehand.  I dug out these SUPER SHINY side tables that have been doubling as bedside tables in our guest room for forever and a day.  Check out the shine factor on this?  You can actually see a crystal clear reflection on the top!!!  {One must always have an audience when painting….that is why Asher is so handy….he always has to stand in a picture somewhere!}
Against better judgement I began slapping on Paris Grey.  The first coat dried super quick and I had a second coat on in no time.   Yep, it was sticking beautifully!  I was so excited!  Yippee I had a new best friend!

The table on the left is 2 coats of Paris Grey.  I was loving the color, but wanted to finish them off with some distressing and waxing.  On a whim I mixed up a deeper gray by adding some Graphite into the Paris Grey and wiped it all over the tables.  I then waxed with clear wax and distressed!

So, it is indeed true, there is no need to prime or prepare!  I’ve tested this statement from Annie Sloan over and over and it proves true each time!  
Thank you Annie!  You may but Kilz out of business!

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Day 2….How It All Began

So how did we become completely obsessed with this paint?  It is really quite a simple story…..

While trolling the internet I {MJ from “One Nutty Girl“} happen to notice that a few bloggers were talking about this stuff called chalk paint and were showing off some of their pieces.  About 5 seconds later I was desperately trying to find out where the heck I could get my hands on this stuff!  Of course I was not going to do this alone!  When taking on a new adventure there is nothing more exciting than doing with a BFF!  Not just any BFF, but one that says “I’m in” before you even finish your sentence! Trish from “Life to the T” was my side-kick and off we went for our newest adventure together…

We found the paint at a store about 45 minutes from where we lived and set out for our first score.  We bought 6 cans of paint, one can of dark wax, one can of clear wax and a wax brush and this….

This is the Annie Sloan Bible!!!
Everyone should own this book!  If you see one somewhere GRAB IT!  This book is HOT!  It sells out in no time and then you have to wait to get your hands on one!  I just did a search on Amazon and they have new ones listed from $136 all the way up to $300!  Crazy!  It retails for $19.99.  Hold your horses because there should be more coming soon at that price!
Anyway, I dug right into the book on the ride back home.  The lids were popped and we just started painting!  Yeah, we are crazy like that.  Sure we made a few mistakes and had to keep referring back to the book over and over, especially on the waxing part.  But, Annie’s step by step instructions with amazing pictures were very helpful.  
Here is a look at our very first completed piece of furniture!  We nailed it and even accomplished mixing a custom color!  
It was like crack.  Within days we were scouring places for more pieces, trying to decide what NOT to paint in our homes!  Suddenly our cars were not being parked in our garages anymore.  We needed this stuff and needed it BAD!  Our minds spun out of control.  Every waking thought was about painting.  We knew we needed a closer place to home to score our weekly habit.  
Within a few short weeks we had convinced our favorite local store Total Bliss to sell the paint and our “source” was now in our hometown of Summerfield, NC.  In exchange owner Nancy McGee gave us part of her store to work out of creating and selling our lovelies!  Thank you Nancy!!!  
So there you have it…the beginning of the journey….

See you for Day 3 tomorrow!
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Welcome to 31 days of…

Welcome to “31 days of …”!!! Well, lets see here… I think we are just going to go with PAINT, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that is!  For 31 Days, yes every single day in October people, we will be doing something to showcase paint and it won’t just be paint on furniture. We are going to go beyond furniture and stretch ourselves into other subjects all related to paint somehow. Colors, brushes, tools, surfaces, etc.  The door is wide open!
Well, one of our favorite blogs, Nesting Place, {we’ve been fans since the beginning of time, that is blog time} is hosting its 3rd annual “31 Days of….”.  This year she invited others to join in and link up and we are taking the challenge!  So, everyday this month make sure to come to our blog and see what we are up to in the world of PAINT!  Shocking huh?
One thing we can ensure is that you will be seeing a lot of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!  We are head over heals with this stuff.  We have recently completed all kinds of awesome training from amazing people like Barb Skivington of Faux Works Studios.  Barb is first generation Annie, that means Annie trained Barb.  We consider ourselves 2nd generation Annie’s because Barb trained us!  If you want to be 3rd generation Annie’s you can take one of our Workshops in our local town of Summerfield, NC at Total Bliss {the store we work out of!} or you can visit the website Annie Sloan Unfolded to find a local stockist in your area to purchase this paint or take workshops from!

See you tomorrow for Day 2!

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What we learned for YOU…

Kate, Trish, Lisa & MJ
Last week (Well, maybe a bit over a week ago), we had the privilege of going to a “Train the Trainer” workshop for all the Annie Sloan Paint Stockist & Mini-Stockist able to attend. “Stockist” (English term for folks who sell Annie Sloan Chalk Paint directly to the public in their cute little shops and boutiques) from all over the country met at Faux Works in High Point, NC where the classes were led by Barb Skivington and Lisa Rickert Jolie
Barb Skivington
We had the opportunity to learn several techniques to pass along in our workshops… in other words to help educate our clients and customers in the wrongs-n-rights of how to paint & wax with Annie Sloan products properly. There are some truly GREAT bloggers and folks out there doing incredible jobs on their pieces (trust us, we happily blog hop through the day), but PLEASE make sure to check out your local Stockist to ensure you are applying ASCP properly. Annie wants to make sure everyone loves her products as much as we do and that you understand how to make your piece a valuable addition to your home and business for all to enjoy for years to come.
Wondering why the cans are upside down? Leave a comment asking so!

We learned tips, tricks and techniques, but we also made connections and had the opportunity to meet other folks who had the same passions as us. We had the chance to help each other with business ideas of things that work, things that didn’t work so well and were able to meet “in person” (which is rare, but still valuable in this day & age!). I wish I could name all the GREAT ladies that were met, but that’s a whole post in itself!!!

Are you wondering where you too can purchase ASCP? Make sure to check out Lisa Rickert Jolie’s site for a shop near you (in North America)!!! If you must order on-line, we understand… but Stockist & Mini-Stockist are popping all over the country every month, so look first then take a workshop to learn what all the hoopla is about!!! (It’s worth a weekend drive or girls “get-a-way” to take a workshop…trust us, we did it before we began selling & teaching too) Think you’ve got what it takes to open a store if there’s not one in your vicinity…Check out Lisa’s information on this as well!

Barb did a FINE job (for TWO days mind you) of teaching the class, keeping Chatty Cathy’s at bay and sharing her knowledge and love for painting. Lisa was able to interject and let us know of all the rules and regulation (we as business owners) needed to know, give us the “scoop” on what’s coming next from Annie Sloan Products coming to the states ::GIDDY::, to educate us how to help run our businesses (because Lisa is one super savvy business women herself) and to share the love of this incredibly unique company & all it has to offer!!!
And yes… a bit of funny from our favorite camera junkie (MJ smiling) and our lovely Kate from Total Bliss. For those of you who aren’t aware, Total Bliss is located in Summerfield NC where MJ & Trish a.k.a. “Hueology” help Nancy & Kate teach their workshops, sell their paints and share our love of Annie as well 🙂

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The New COLORS are Here!!!

Annie Sloan’s NEWEST colors!!!

We’re sure you’ve heard ALL the buzz about the NEWEST colors by Annie Sloan!!! And we have our messy little hands neat little brushes in it and can’t wait for you to try it too!!!  There are some BIG plans at Total Bliss for some of the dreamiest items to cover with these lovely cans of liquid gold.

We have Pure White…

We have Coco…
We have French Linen…

Photo found on ASCP site

ALL our ASCP can be found at Total Bliss in Summerfield. What are you waiting for? What are you dreaming of painting with the NEWEST colors by Annie Sloan Chalk Paints?

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Louis Blue Kitchen Island…

An incredible new look!!!

When we were hired to paint this lovely kitchen island (see the before picture below), we were so excited when our client picked Louis Blue!!! We presented her 3 sample boards with different variations of the Clear-to-Dark wax from Annie Sloan.

We love the look of the bead-board waxed!!!

Shannon immediately went with the Dark wax and wanted to make sure it looked aged, different and that it was a separate piece of furniture in the kitchen… NOT like it had been set there from the cabinet maker to match the rest of the cabinets. We loved her combo and quickly got to work. Don’t you LOVE the detail the Dark wax gave this island?

The handles were simply the icing on the cake…

The groves and detail.

The wine nook is extra cool!!!
MJ was super happy we were painting one of her favorite shades of blue! We had a fun time helping this kitchen transform into a  more comfy, cozy and loved living space! Thanks Shannon for allowing to be apart of your home for 3 short days 🙂 We hope you get many years of happiness out of it.
MJ Taylor ~ a.k.a. Hueologist

Here’s a peak to what the island looked like before. What’s your vote… Before or After?

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