Seeing Red…

At first glance, this color scared me…It came out of the can in a hot shade of pink!!! I was trying to figure out what the fuss was all about of the Annie Sloan CP Emperor’s Silk.

Well, it didn’t take long after two coats and a brush of clear/dark wax to richen this hue up to all it’s potential!!! No distressing even needed. Don’t you love it? You have to admit… even if you don’t favor red everyday, there is a boldness in this color in every way!!! Want to see this chair in all it’s glory? Come visit us at Total Bliss in Summerfield.

Question of the day… Do you like red? If so, what would you paint this color if you had a can?

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Hueology is going Green…

Trish is a GREEN junkie (and were not talking the eco-friendly state). She loves the color!!! In any shade on anything and yes, she is friendly to our ever endearing environment. With Annie Sloan Chalk Paints. not only do they have fabulous colors, it has low VOC which helps our mother earth as well {happy}!!!

This is a custom mix from THREE of Annie’s yummy colors. Would you like to know what they are… You only see two, what’s the third? Leave us a comment and maybe we’ll do a post on the mix from Hueology.

Look at the rich color contrast from this aged antique piece of furniture. This old buffet from Trish’s Great-grandmother was “in-wait” for a new life. What do you have waiting?

{Want to see more pictures of this piece and learn the color combo? Head over to Life to the “T” to see more}

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Start of it all…

Here at Hueology, we love grey!!! It’s neutral, it’s mysterious, it’s simply FABULOUS!!! This dated set of tables was in desperate need of some new life. Yes, we know, they are shiny wood and looks like a ton of sanding and prep work. NOT with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

MJ carefully picked the color Paris Grey from Annie Sloan, but didn’t stop there…

She then added a mix of Graphite to get that look of aged worldly antiques from the south of France. You know… the ones we all love , but could never afford! The ones we dream of in dreamy catalogs leave us longing to be rich-n-famous!!! Well wish no more… your drams can filled in Annie’s tiny cans of dreams.

Aged to Perfection!

Hope you enjoy our first of many adventures here at Hueology! Wait till you see what we have stirring next!!!

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